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Actively Combating Child Labour in Tanzania: Important Progress and Successes in the Project with Plan International

The "Create Career Prospects and Income" subproject is in full swing. 182 young people are now being given the chance to get vocational training. The opportunity to establish saving groups is also being well-utilised. These savings groups let the men and women there save money or receive small loans. 

In and around the goldmines of Geita, in the southwest area of Tanzania, many children labour in small-scale mines. They cannot go to school and face a particularly high risk of violence and abuse. Together with Plan International, we want to change that.
For the first time in our more than twenty-year cooperation with Plan International, we have been providing support in this area via our own exclusive subproject since 2015. As part of the project, 182 young people have already been selected, who are now going to receive a vocational education and be trained in locally based companies. This will allow the young adults to acquire skills and knowledge in order to increase their chances on the job market or become self-sufficient. At the same time, the project also aims to improve the financial situation of about 5,000 families by establishing savings groups and through other measures. The goal is to help parents provide better for their families, so that the children no longer have to contribute to the family income. We are very pleased to say that around 1,500 members have already joined together to create 58 savings groups.
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Social Responsibility at Wollenhaupt

Through our social commitment, responsibility and engagement, we want to contribute to creating sustainable, fairer structures. The "Responsibility" pillar is just one of four fields of action we use as a basis for guiding and managing our sustainable activities and operations.
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