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First Flush 2018 – Heralds of spring from the Himalaya!

The tea season 2018 starts and every tea connoisseur is inspired by the popular Darjeeling First Flush. In the Himalaya region in India, "Holi" the Indian festival of spring, colours and joy of life is celebrated.
It is the beginning of the warm season - the winter and its cold is finally over. The warmer and sunnier days start off with "Holi" ringing in the time for one of the world's best tea which unique quality can only be picked at this time of the year. It is the purity, the pristineness of the first Darjeeling of the year that gives the First Flush its extraordinary taste, a flavour that cannot be described, only experienced and enjoyed.
Tea connoisseurs all over the world are looking forward to this special taste experience - finally it is here, the Darjeeling First Flush. Wollenhaupt has scouted out the best crops, secured them, and assured only the very best quality. Freshly harvested, freshly packed. And now ready for you.
As experience has shown, the demand is very high, the quantities are traditionally limited.

The second First Flush variety from the garden Longview, characterized by a comparatively early availability besides an excellent price-performance-ratio. Another novelty with an excellent price-performance-ratio originates from the Terai region bordering in the south to Darjeeling. Convince yourself!

The current arrival times:
NEW: Darjeeling Longview: in stock around end of February
Darjeeling Sourenee: in stock around mid/end of April
Darjeeling Highlands: in stock around end of March
Darjeeling Maharani Hills: in stock around mid/end of March
NEW: Terai Nishintapur: in stock around beginning of March

Specialty! First Flush from Nepal! -
Nepal Guranse: in stock around end of April

For further information regarding our First Flush teas please click here.

Are you a tea lover who doesn´t know much about Darjeeling first Flush yet?
No problem. Think of tea gardens in the Himalayas. The clear mountain air, the unspoiled nature, the chill of the morning air, the heat on some days and strong winds and extreme weather changes characterize these tea gardens and provide for the exceptional taste experience of this tea, which is second to none. Tea growing and cultivation at such high altitudes and in climatic conditions unlike anywhere else in the world together with fragrant aromas and the pure, brisk taste: Darjeeling First Flush is internationally renowned for its truly unique and exquisite tea enjoyment.

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