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Vertrauen in Genuss


Hollywood? These golden stars enchant your tea enjoyment!

Glitter, gold and glamour – no, we’re not at the Oscars ... although our golden stars are certainly award-worthy! Start the season with four brand new tea creations. See the sparkle in the eyes of your customers, who won’t be able to stop marvelling at the fascinating appearance of these teas. Be mesmerised by the golden tea shimmering in the cup and remember: there are new stars in the tea firmament. The “golden stars” from Wollenhaupt!

Golden Caramel, Golden Vanilla, Golden Almond and Golden Chocolate

Our four golden stars create a whole new tea experience.

The strongest selling Points:

  • Fascinating, golden shimmer in the cup
  • Elegant, extraordinary and unique appearance of the teas
  • High-quality premium packaging for the German and Austrian markets
  • Popular flavours enjoyed all year long

A little tip:
Take one of the golden teas, pour it in a glass tea pot as usual, and watch your customers’ amazement and interest grow. You will have their full attention – guaranteed!

Have a look – check out our innovative golden stars here!


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