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Vertrauen in Genuss


Matcha – the „green gold“ from Japan!

Already an established part of the culinary tea tradition in Japan, Matcha has long been a progressing trend in the Western world. You can’t go wrong with Matcha, and it is very easy. Whether celebrated pure as tea, enjoyed as a trendy Matcha Latte or used to enhance the appearance and taste of odd and beverages: there are no limits to the Imagination.

Our new revised Matcha selection with 2 new variants and an attractive promotional packaging design – leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to enjoyment.

Imperial Matcha – Ceremony’s Finest Organic Tea
Exquisite quality from the Kagoshima Prefecture. With a ceremonial character, for true Matcha connoisseurs.

Premium Matcha – Daily Pleasure Organic Tea
High quality from the Aichi Prefecture. For daily Matcha enjoyment. If needed at a push, also available in the single-serving stick.

Classic Matcha – Culinary Delight Organic Tea
Culinary Matcha blend from the Prefectures Uji and Kyoto. For creatively enhancing food and beverages. Of course, also for drinking!

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Good to know
Exquisite green tea or Tencha leaves, carefully selected and picked by hand, are gently steamed over a water bath, dried with care and then ground into the finest tea powder in stone or granite mills.  Only the mere tea leaves are used for this, as stems and leaf veins are sorted out before. The last few weeks before the picking starts, the tea leaves are aged under stretched shade tarps. This allows the typical colouring and flavour-imparting components of Matcha, such as chlorophyll, vitamins and secondary plant substances to develop and concentrate – the secret of its intense green colour and distinctive, slightly sweetish-creamy taste.   

Matcha is typically prepared in a large bowl with a bamboo whisk. The Matcha powder is beaten frothy into a unique, creamy, rich and beautiful tea “crema”. Thus all ingredients are dissolved in water and consumed while drinking. Unlike other teas, with Matcha, it is not only the infused tea that is consumed, but also the whole tea leaf with its wholesome ingredients. A true “Superfood”! 

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