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Vertrauen in Genuss


Juicy New Teas for the Harvest Festival!

Plump apples, shiny pears and juicy grapes – the product developers at Wollenhaupt have created four new juicy fruit melanges inspired by the ripe fruits associated with the harvest Festival.

Everyone knows: late summer and autumn are the best harvest times! Throughout the summer, fruits like apricots, grapes and berries have enjoyed the warm sunshine, developing their characteristic juicy and fruity taste. That flavour is exactly what the product developers have captured in the new tea series. “Lush Pear Organic Tea*”, “Fruitful Berry Compote”, “Juicy Fruits” and “Sun Ripened Grapes” make a delicious impression with familiar “homegrown” ingredients and natural flavouring. The unique taste accompanies tea lovers through autumn and winter, providing a feeling of contentment and warmth.

The new fruity-sunny fruit melanges can be found in the online catalogue in the “Tea Novelties” section.

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