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Vertrauen in Genuss


The new Wollenhaupt catalogue 2018/19 is here!

Anticipation is the greatest joy! The new Wollenhaupt catalogue 2018/19 raises the anticipation of the tea season. We get you prepared for a successful tea season with a large variety of tea creations, exclusive specialties and a wide range of accessories.

This year once again a diverse range of tea novelties - from orthodox to exotic - is available. For connoisseurs of orthodox teas we offer some excellent new discoveries from exquisite tea gardens. Especially exciting and aromatic tea creations are the promising six new chai teas with their exotic ingredients of different continents. These fresh interpretations of the classical chai inspire with intense tastes, mild spicy flavours and special notes like coffee, cocoa, cardamom and berries. From fruity-spicy to sweet and hot this chai world trip opens up new realms of taste and warms you up on cold autumn days. These new tea novelties are also excellent for making popular chai latte variations. Four new winter specialties enchant you with an irresistible scent of marzipan, oranges, chocolate and touches of patisserie. Full-bodied in taste, inspiring and doing completely without any additional calories, these teas will definitely ensure an untroubled Christmas atmosphere.

Last but not least, you will get inspired by the wide range of accessories. From classic to modern, something can be found for everyone´s desire. The updated range of accessories with new mugs, cups, jugs and cans is the perfect complement to our range of teas. Especially, the new line "Ginza" of the PPD - PAPERPRODUCTS DESIGN GMBH - trend range is a real eye-catcher. Timeless, modern and yet outstanding. Gold remains the trend colour this Christmas, so we added "Mystic Tree" and further colour variations to our last years's favourite "Mystic Deer" series.

With these promising novelties we get you ready for the coming tea season. Did we spark your interest for more? Discover more highlights from our catalogue. Under you can get inspired on 230 pages.



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