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Active against child labor in Tanzania & sustainable fruit

UPDATE: Further successes in the project "Protecting girls and boys from child labor"

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We have been working with Plan International for more than twenty years. We have been supporting the Plan project "Protecting girls and boys from child labor" for two years with our own exclusive sub-component. The "Creating job prospects and income" component was launched to protect girls and boys from dangerous and exploitative child labor and has been running at full speed ever since.

This initiative has given 182 young people the opportunity to complete vocational training in their local community. In addition, further savings groups have been successfully established and a total of 1,614 female and male savings group members have taken part in income-generating measures to sustainably improve their financial and economic situation.

The following activities have been implemented since the publication of the last interim report in 2017

  • Establishment of 30 new savings groups for adults and three savings groups for young people.
  • 1,614 savings group members have taken part in income-generating measures.
  • 182 young people are undergoing vocational training.

Current interim reports on the project


Sustainable fruit - our commitment to "Fruit trees for Africa"

As part of our sustainability concept, we have been cooperating with the "Fruitful Office" initiative since August 2016. With the weekly fruit basket, we not only provide our employees with a healthy fruit snack, but also support "Fruitful Office" and its local cooperation partner RIPPLE Africa in the reforestation of fruit trees in Malawi. The aim of this project is to help poor families in particular to create a basis for food and income. Since the start of our cooperation, 600 trees have already been planted. Read more about this project.

Further information about the project

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