The new Wollenhaupt catalogue 2022/23 is now available!

With our new teas and matching accessories, the coming tea season will be a joy!

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The chilly season could get even colder this year as heating costs rise. Offer your customers an enjoyable alternative way to stay warm and discover our wide range of new tea compositions and beautiful accessories.

Exclusive new tea specialities from special origins, including our new Oolong teas and a new green tea from Colombia, will enchant your customers.

You can delight your customers with extraordinary taste experiences with the new tea creations from our “Highland Moments” tea series. Transport your customers to the Scottish Highlands – tea blends featuring smoky whisky notes, hazelnut, orange and ginger bring warmth and full-bodied flavour into the winter season.

For our new “Evening Teas” series, we have created four aromatic blends that can help your customers wind down and relax in the evening. Soothing herbal and spice blends, which are even more calming when prepared as “moon milk”.

And of course, our popular Christmas classics in our eye-catching seasonal packaging with matching accessories are not to be missed. A perfect gift set: our packaging adorned with little gingerbread men that we designed to complement the “Gingerbread” accessory series. Get your customers into the Christmas mood!

You can find many new products in our accessories range. Get inspired, we have something for every customer’s taste – trendy colourful cups, simply elegant Japanese ceramics, classic tea sets and functional accessories. The new Wollenhaupt catalogue has an extensive selection for you to explore.

Our promising new products will get you ready for success in the coming tea season.

Want even more? Discover our new teas and accessories on our website.

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