First Flush 2021

Spring in the foothills of the Himalayas and other regions of the world

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We are delighted to present you our new first flush offer. Further information can be found here.

Darjeeling First Flush

As every year, this spring we have been searching for the best teas from Darjeeling. From 87 tea gardens in Darjeeling, we have chosen four outstanding gardens. Last year the Maharani Hills and Sourenee gardens already supplied us with excellent first flush qualities. New additions are teas from the Goomtee and Glenburn tea gardens, which convinced our tea tasters.

All four black teas stand out due to their particularly fresh, floral taste. This taste develops because only the young, delicate green and fresh shoots are picked for our First Flush Teas. In order to guarantee the freshness of our teas, we fly the first pickings to Germany. The short period between the harvest in the gardens and the delivery to you, our customers, ensures that all aromas, which create the very popular Darjeeling character are preserved.

Discover this year's harvest of the following Darjeeling First Flush Gardens:

The Sourenee garden is specialised in organically grown tea. Sourenee First Flush has a greenish leaf with silvery tips. The altitude of more than 1,600 m gives the tea a comparably high-aromatic bouquet, floral-sweet notes as well as a full-bodied and distinctive taste.

Goomtea attaches great importance to sustainable cultivation. At an altitude of 1,000 to 2,000 m, a cooler climate, and a moderate rainfall favour the slow growth of the plants. The tea is distinguished by its distinctive First Flush character, floral nuances, and a characteristic muscatel note.

"Exclusively for Wollenhaupt" is written on the sign in front of the garden. This tea ranks amongst the top qualities for years. Maharani Hills produces an outstanding quality with greenish-tippy first flush leaves at over 2,000 m. A sweet floral aroma, slightly fruity and with a balanced astringency.

The Glenburn garden produces an excellent first harvest. It gets its distinctive aroma from a gentle oxidation of the leaves. This first flush tea inspires with fresh-nutty nuances as well as floral notes rounded off by the strong, typical, and highly beloved Darjeeling character.

Special Darjeeling Charity Blend

The coronavirus affects each and every one of us. The virus hits the poorest countries particularly hard. Last year, tea farmers in India were also constrained by the pandemic and many were able to pick less tea due to curfew.


In order to support the Indian population, we donate € 2.50 to the project “Corona Nothilfe Weltweit” for every kilo tea sold from the “Special Darjeeling First Flush Charity Blend Organic Tea” (Item No. 00364).

You can find more information about the project and the donation here.

For our charity project our Tea-Taster have chosen a typical First Flush Blends, which impresses with its sweet floral note.

  • Special Darjeeling First Flush Charity Blend Organic Tea (Item No. 00364)

The Tea Taster Blend is characterised by an excellent and vibrant First Flush character. The green-brownish leaf with silver tips creates a green-golden cup colour. The noble scent can be described as fresh and tart with aromatic-floral notes.

Nepal & South India

Many tea enthusiasts first think of Darjeeling teas, when they hear First Flush. However, other tea growing areas now deliver qualities that are on par with Darjeeling and enrich the diversity.

Over many years, the tea farmers have expanded their knowledge of cultivation so that they now produce excellent teas. The Guranse tea garden in Nepal is a good example of this. It produces a very pleasant first flush with many tips that ensure a mild and comparatively green cup.

Also in South India the Parkside tea garden provides a special tea that is exposed to mild frost at night due to the garden's high location. The additional moisture and the stronger wilting lead to a light cup colour and an aromatic taste.

High altitudes of up to 2,400 m and many years of experience produce exquisite black teas in the Guranse garden. The leaf is rather green and shows a lot of silvertips. The cup is light green-golden and has a very fragrant aroma. This first flush is dominated by subtle floral and tangy notes. A gentle, well-rounded finish with sweet nuances completes the tea.

  • South India Frost Tea First Flush Parkside Organic Tea (Item No. 00450)

In the Parkside garden, at over 2,000 m, a mild frost covers the tea bushes at night in March. The extra humidity and greater withering give the fresh, young shoots their multifaceted character. The leaf is reddish with green tips and wiry twisted. The tea smells gently of citrus and lily of the valley. The fresh, slightly spicy, and full-bodied taste distinguishes the Frost tea.



Japanese Shincha is the counterpart to the Darjeeling First Flush and describes the picking of the first and most delicate leaves. The demand in Europe for high-quality Japanese teas is steadily growing, therefore we are again offering an exquisite Shincha this year.

The Shincha Gyokuro Homare Organic Tea* obtains its excellent taste only 18 days before harvest, when the plant is derived from the sun. The shading ensures that the tea plant concentrates its ingredients and flavours, through which the leaf receives its emerald green colour. They ensures the particularly intense umami taste, which is accompanied by a subtle sweetness.

Shincha refers to one of the highest quality Japanese green teas. It is the First Flush in Japan. This Shincha is a tea that has been shaded for 18 days, a Gyokuro. The leaf smells extremely fresh and vegetal. The taste is convincing with a subtle sweetness, mild fruity nuances, and a strong umami note. Well-rounded and harmonious.

This tea is perfectly suited for multiple infusions.


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