New Teas and Trendy Accessories for a Successful Tea Season 2021/2022!

Wollenhaupt Tee GmbHWollenhaupt Tee GmbH

This season, our 2021/2022 catalogue is exclusively focused on new products, presenting you with new teas as well as many new accessories. Our 2020/2021 main catalogue will generally remain in effect and is being supplemented by these new products.

Look forward to our range of interesting, inspiring and innovative tea creations, including our new liquorice tea blends and our mountain herbal infusion, along with exceptional new classic teas, e.g. from Darjeeling, and even more delicious organic teas.

Our novel and yummy children’s teas are designed especially for your young clientele. Two fruity-sweet fruit melanges and a flavour-filled mild blend of rooibos tea and fruit melange will turn your youngest customers into avid tea enthusiasts. 

The new series of "Alkalizing and Fasting Teas" ensures perfect balance and well-being. Featuring selected herbs, flowers and fruits, these harmonious and balanced teas have everything needed to ideally complement alkaline and fasting diets. A truly supportive addition for all herbal infusion fans!

We have expanded the ceramic assortment with both a range of colourful on-trend items as well as a selection of exquisite original Japanese accessories, including kyusus and tea bowls. Explore our new basic items, such as timelessly beautiful ceramic and porcelain mugs and teapots, as well as our newly redesigned labels, of course.

Our promising new products will get you all ready and set for the coming tea season.

Want to find out even more? Discover additional highlights from our catalogue.

You can get inspired by our new items in the "Products" section, and of course, as a registered customer, you can easily and conveniently order all catalogue items directly in our online shop.

What’s more, our printed catalogue awaits you with lots of interesting information about our new teas and our tea tutorials.

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