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TOKUNI - European consumer preferences combined with the Japanese tea world. For the TOKUNI® series, high-quality Japanese green teas have been refined with selected ingredients to make Japanese tea blends. Mildly flavored & tasty.

For tea lovers with the highest demands of quality and enjoyment with the desire for gently and naturally fl avoured teas. For the Tokuni series, high-quality Japanese green teas have been upgraded with selected ingredients into mildly flavoured and tasty Japanese blends. A novelty from Wollenhaupt Tee GmbH for diversity on the tea shelf, positioned between classic teas from the origin and fl avoured blends.

TOKUNI- a tea series from Wollenhaupt Tee GmbH


Tokuni Japan Houjicha Ginger Organic Tea

Balanced composition - the spicy-nutty notes of the roasted Japanese green tea Houjicha are perfectly combined with ginger and a light cinnamon note.

To the product (Item #10791)

Tokuni Japan Sencha Lemon Grass Organic Tea

Harmonic composition – high quality Japanese Sencha tea enriched with lemon grass and lime blossom. The blend convinces with its fresh taste in the cup.

To the product (Item #10792)

Tokuni Japan Genmaicha Vanilla Organic Tea

Well-chosen composition - Vanilla and Japanese Genmaicha creates perfection. The tea blend inspires through a harmonious balance in the cup.

To the product (Item #10793)

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