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This year's training market took place for the 13th time on September 13 at the Sachsenwald-Forum in Reinbek. Around 1,200 pupils from the region had the opportunity to find out about apprenticeships. Over 50 companies, businesses and associations presented a wide range of training opportunities.

On behalf of Wollenhaupt Tee, the two trainees Jannes Ramcke (prospective wholesale and foreign trade management assistant) and Gerrit Gimpel (prospective food technology specialist) answered questions from interested pupils and parents. Communication at eye level - after all, who better to put themselves in the shoes of our current trainees? They were supported by Anna-Lena Mielke and Mailin Schnack, who are the contact persons for industrial and commercial trainees. Both of them also completed their training at Wollenhaupt in previous years. We offer our trainees a high chance of being taken on and therefore do everything we can during the training period to provide our new colleagues with the best possible and most practical training.

If you would like to find out more about training at Wollenhaupt, take a look at our careers page or contact us directly.

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