Innovation & Customer Workshops

Discovering Trends

Discover new Trends

We are closely monitoring consumer markets around the world, using research data, and working with major reputable flavor suppliers to find out what developments in the market could become a trend that could be relevant to innovative tea developments. This also opens up new sales opportunities for you.

Sometimes, with new concepts, we are even ahead of the times, and the trend is only noticeable a few months later.
For our customers, we have developed several individual successful tea concepts in recent years.

An expert team of product developers, teat tasters, product management and marketing professionals is available to help you develop innovative and market-driven products.
No matter what your requirements, we are well versed with certifications, bio-regulations and flavoring technologies. Benefit from our expertise and design individual tea assortment with us!

Customer Workshops

We offer you full-day workshops, in which we jointly develop new products and optimize your assortment. Come to our premises and create new tea blends together with our product developers. 

Whether they are trendy ingredients, unusual creations or new preparation options, we find the solution that best fits your business. Contact us!