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Creating Enjoyment and Bringing it to the World - for more than 130 Years

"May I invite you for a cup of tea?"

Good encounters often begin just like this: by taking the time, getting together and showing interest in others. Hospitality. Visitors become acquaintances, and acquaintances turn into loyal guests, customers, friends and partners.

To all of you: A warm welcome to our website. We are pleased that you have taken the time to visit us. What can you expect to see on our website?

For more than 130 years, we have been pursuing our mission with passion and care, with the aim of creating enjoyment and bringing it to the world. That’`s what it is all about, that’`s why we are here. We view our name as a pioneer and guide: We want quality for our customers and are a stronghold on the markets of the world.

Join us now on an exciting, inspiring and informative journey of discovery through the Wollenhaupt world. Benefit from our expertise in the tea and vanilla trade. Learn everything about our ingredients, our product developments, our assortment, and the countries of origin; about the reliable and consistent quality management, our philosophy and the people who put their dedication and passion into infusing it with life and making it all come together each and every day.

At a glance:

Founded in 1881, Wollenhaupt Tee GmbH is a globally operating company with more than 220 employees and is based in Reinbek, Germany, near the city of Hamburg.

  • Sales: approx. 80 million p.a.
  • Sales volume of tea products: approx. 6,400 tonnes p.a.
  • Over 3,500 actively used recipes, either proprietary developments or created together with (or for) customers, totally over 4,200 recipe developments
  • Our specialist area: loose and portionable leaf tea
  • Export share of more than 60 percent
  • Representative office in China
  • Sales volume of vanilla: approx. 330 tonnes p.a.
  • 36,500 sqm warehouse and production space; state-of-the-art equipment and technology for cutting, mixing, blending, flavouring and packaging
  • Integrated, networked production from raw ingredient processing up to packaging
  • Customer structure: from independent specialised retailers all the way to leading global food manufacturers
  • Close and long-standing cooperation with customers, partners and tea lovers in more than 60 countries

Flavoured Tea Blends - The original from Germany
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