Principles worths
Vertrauen in Genuss

That Is What We Stand for

Did you know that the Hanseatic tradition emphasizes one thing above all: to act with passion. Without passion for high-quality products, enthusiastic customers and good business, there can be no motivation.

Respect, reliability, commitment, and honest, sincere words are the constant companions of this passion and of forward-thinking, dedicated business people. For more than 130 years, from generation to generation, we have been refining our value system, preferring an authentic, straightforward and realistic approach over big, vague words.

What are our hallmarks?

Reliability:As a producer, a supplier, a packer and wholesaler and a specialist for tea. You can always rely on us. Our handshake is our commitment.
Respect:We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

And specifically?

Take a look at our product range, the advice we offer, our production process and quality management can you see how everything is guided by our values and philosophy?

So, take advantage of our services, challenge us, put us to the test. Let us put our passion to work for you and impress and inspire you with our expertise, tailored solutions, excellent product innovations, safe and reliable products, and individual advice! 

Wollenhaupt. Enjoyment with confidence since 1881.