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Act Responsibly – Sustainability at Wollenhaupt

You know our credo: "Enjoy with Confidence”. Over the past 130 years, we have learned and experienced a lot, and have always remained strong and stable during all the changes - and we have consistently lived, operated and acted according to our principles: respect and reliability. At Wollenhaupt, respect for nature and her gifts are just as important as respect for the people who work in the tea gardens and plantations. Respect for the people who sell, purchase and enjoy our products. Respect for the needs of everyone directly and indirectly associated with our teas, ingredients and accessories. 

How do we express our respect? Well, first and foremost in our reliability, because trust is not possible without consistently reliable work, business operations and actions. Reliability is a foundation of our traditions. For us, a family-run company now in the 4th generation, sustainable business is a matter of course.

What does that exactly mean and what does it specifically mean for you - our customers, partners and employees? For a start: We are responsible for our actions. Each of us, every single day.

In the following, we are pleased to present and describe the fields of action we use as a basis for guiding and managing our sustainable activities and operations.

Fields of action on the path to a sustainable future

Fields of CSR Wollenhaupt


Our basis for safe and sustainable products
With our management system and company policies as a basis, our goal is to develop and expand our product range in a sustainable manner - from the cooperation with our suppliers and comprehensive quality management up to sustainability along the entire supply chain. 
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Responsibility and sustainability for our employees
We work together, we work with each other. What motivates us, what makes us strong, productive and efficient? Health benefits, career development and training opportunities, and satisfaction surveys are just some of the external incentives; what’s crucial is a company culture that allows passion, encourages independent thinking and initiative, and has effective communication channels and short decision-making paths.
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Environmental protection at Wollenhaupt
Only a company that protects people and nature today can continue to offer top-quality teas in the future. We are well aware of that. Using various systems and targeted projects as a basis, we are continuously striving to make our processes even more environmentally friendly.
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Social Engagement and Responsibility – Making the World More Fair
In Germany, there are more than one million people who are socially and economically disadvantaged. Across the world, people are threatened by environmental disasters such as earthquakes and droughts, are starving, homeless. We cannot change the world all alone. But we contribute to alleviating the suffering and to creating sustainable, fairer structures.
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