Brands and Private Label Packaging
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Enjoyment Successfully Packaged

Whether a private label in the food retailing business or a branded product range – both have one thing in common: Wollenhaupt designs, develops and realises exactly the right product concept.

There are so many possibilities! Think of large-volume tea in individually designed aroma bags, folding boxes or tins, or pre-portioned leaf tea in pyramid bags and fine cuts in dual-chamber teabags – your ideas are the focus. We make it happen!

Do you want concrete answers quickly? Sure! We advise you to apply the “minimum 100 kg rule of thumb” per production batch.

For smaller production volumes less than 100 kg of tea, we recommend you hand package our catalogue teas yourself. Packaging materials such as flat-base bags and labels can be found in our accessory range.

An overview of our wide variety of packaging

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Flat-base bags

  • Broad range of colours, shapes and materials
  • Filling weights from 50 to 1,000 g, depending on tea density
  • Individual design options:
    - Different label formats for front and back front-bottom-version
    - With/without window in front area
    - Depending on order volume printable respectively available in further colours
  • Aroma safe material, with/without imprint of net weight
  • Indication of expiry date and batch number on individualised sealing label on the back
  • Packaging of catalogue teas and customised blends

Aroma safe foil bags

  • Broad range of different formats
    - Our recommendation: Special shape „Stabilo-SEAL“ with double-sealed seam, for the perfect presentation of your assortment in the shelf
    - Classic stand-up bags and sachet-shaped bags
  • Filling weights from 10 g to 2,000 g, depending on tea density
  • Transparent and fully coated foils in different materials and colours
  • Aroma safe foil material
  • Individual imprints and labels possible
  • Packaging of catalogue teas and customised blends

Gable-shaped folding box formats

  • Filling weights from 75 g to 125 g, depending on tea density
  • Aroma safe, transparent, re-closable inner bag (flat-base bag or foil bag)
  • Premium gable-shaped folding box with/without window (front or side)
  • Different customising solutions depending on order volume (imprint or label)
  • Attractive design options
  • Packaging of catalogue teas and customised blends

Tea caddies

  • Caddies in different sizes and shapes (round/square, with/without window)
  • Filling weights from 10 g to 200 g, depending on tea density
  • Aroma-sealing on request
  • Different design options:
    - Fully or partly labelled
    - Sleeve application
    - Mix of printing and labelling
  • Individual gift sets on request
  • Packaging of catalogue teas and customised blends

Tea bags

Broad range of tea bag packaging in co-operation with our partners:

  • Different sizes and shapes:
    - cup-sized, pot-sized, large-sized catering bags
    - in different versions
  • Filling weights from approx. 2.0 g to 4.0 g, depending on cut size and tea density
  • Different tea bag materials, e. g. nylon, cotton, paper foil
  • Bags can be single wrapped in envelopes made of plastic or paper foil
  • Outer packaging in folding boxes of 20/25 or bag-in-box

Bulk and transportation units

You are repacking on your own but want to take advantage of our creative product developments and of our extensive possibilities for the blending and flavouring of teas?

We would be pleased to provide you with customised transport units to perfectly embed them into your production logistics, e.g.

  • Bulk packs from 5 kg to 25 kg
  • Big bags from 150 kg to 500 kg