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We offer customised packaging concepts for loose tea. Whether classic tea, one of our catalogue blends or individual customer blends - we are your partner for personalised packaging solutions, from pyramid bags and individually designed block bottom bags with labels to transport packaging for your own packaging. We use state-of-the-art packaging technology to efficiently produce your customised tea product, ready for the market and suitable for your distribution channel.

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Our packaging options for you:

Sustainable packaging

Our packaging variants are suitable for food contact and offer optimum flavour protection. At Wollenhaupt, we focus intensively on the topic of sustainability and packaging and help you to select the right packaging materials and emphasise the benefits in a way that promotes sales. When making our selection, we always focus on the three main requirements for packaging: customer information, product protection and a low environmental impact


Aroma bags / Boxpack bags / Zip stand-up pouches
  • Wide range of colours, shapes and materials with/without viewing window
  • Weighing from 50 g to 1,000 g
  • Flavour-resistant pouch material, with/without grammage imprint
    - also in sustainable materials
  • Customisable label formats:
    - Front and back or front/bottom variant
    - Customised design options (depending on print run)


  • Transparent or full-surface, aroma-resistant films in various formats, 
     colours and materials - also in sustainable cellulose film
  • Weighing from 10 g to 2,000 g
  • Classic pillow or stand-up pouches
  • Special format: Stabilo-SEAL with reinforced seal seam
  • Can be individually printed or labelled (depending on quantity)


Folding carton / gable top folding carton
  • Folding cartons in various formats with/without viewing window
    and flavour-resistant inner bag - also with sustainable cellulose bag
  • Weighing from 75 g to 200 g
  • Attractive customisation options through labelling or printing
    (depending on print run)


  • Cans in various shapes and materials (including PET cans) with/without viewing window
  • Weighing from 10 g to 200 g
  • Tamper-evident closure by sleeving or labelling
  • Design options through wrap-around or partial labelling or a mix of printing and labelling (depending on the print run)
Tea bags / pyramid bags
  • Various pyramid bag formats and materials - also in sustainable PLA
  • Weights from 1.5 g to 4.5 g
  • Full-surface designed single enveloping possible - also in sustainable materials (depending on print run)
  • Double chamber bags or hand-sewn teabags in various formats and materials
  • Packaging in various folding box formats, stand-up pouches or loose-fill as bulk goods

Transport packaging

Take advantage of the expertise of our creative product development and our competence in refining teas.
Whether it is an individual customer blend, classic or flavoured, or the improvement of product quality through post-cleaning and testing for foreign bodies, we will be happy to deliver your teas in the transport packaging of your choice so that you can optimally integrate them into your production logistics:

Range of materials: Kraft paper, cardboard, plastic or aluminium foil
Bulk containers: 5 kg to 30 kg
Big bags: 150 kg to 500 kg

Filling options for matcha and Japanese green teas

Discover the exclusive Japanese green teas that have been gaining in popularity for years. Our tea wholesale business offers a diverse selection of high-quality Japanese teas such as Gyokuro, Sencha, Bancha and tea powders such as Matcha and Houjicha.

Our experts in the Tea Trading department have already successfully realised numerous customer projects. They are happy to advise on the right choice of tea and manage the entire project process from idea to delivery. Make your brand distinctive with our services for private labelling of Japanese green teas. The minimum order quantity for packaging at origin is 500 tins or 200 zip bags.

We would be happy to provide you with a customised quote!

Consultancy & process flow

Our process begins with the selection from our premium Japanese tea range. Together, we develop a packaging concept that perfectly complements your brand design. From printing the labels to logistics and storage in our refrigerated warehouse in Hamburg, your orders remain flexible and customised.

Production & filling in Japan 

The matcha powder is filled under the strictest hygiene standards directly after production and grinding in Japan at our partner supplier and is individually packaged there according to our specifications. All packaging variants used guarantee optimum flavour protection and comply with current food contact standards. 

Private label 

Your personalised packaging with a label. Our range of packaging solutions includes a variety of options such as tins, stand-up pouches or pouches in various materials. We integrate our customers' label design to ensure that your brand is presented in the best possible way. If your requirements are not covered by our standard range, we are ready to provide innovative solutions. 

White Label 

Our white label product offers the highest quality and flexibility. We guarantee freshness and traceability with batch labelling and the best-before date. The neutrally packaged products enable various brands to offer our quality product under their own label and integrate their own branding. You can rely on our many years of experience and quality assurance to expand your range and set the highest standards.

We will find the right packaging solution for your brand and look forward to a successful collaboration!

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