Art for Tea, 0.2l
  • Volume in liters: 0,05-0,2
  • Specification:

    0.2 l, Ø 75 mm, height 85 mm, tendril

  • Handpainted: no
  • Dishwasher Safe: yes
Article No: 498734003203498731

Art for Tea, 0.2l

Wollenhaupt Tee GmbH

Ceramic mug with debossed design

Material Description

We include earthenware, pottery and stoneware under this term. As compared to porcelain, ceramic has a less fine structure and is produced at a lower firing temperature. Although ceramic is more impact-sensitive than porcelain, it can retain heat longer. In addition, due to its durability, it is commonly used for everyday dishes.

5% Special Discount

Packaging Unit: 6 Piece

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