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Houjicha Ice Cream

with Caramelised Flambéed Mango


  1. Place all the ingredients for the ice cream in a tall blender or mixer bowl and blend together with an immersion blender. Pour the mixture through a fine sieve into the ice cream maker. After approx. 40-50 minutes, when the mixture is nice and creamy, put the ice cream container into the freezer and chill for least one hour. (Caution: Do not freeze too long or ice crystals will form and the mixture will not be creamy.)
  2. Peel the mangos, filet them along the core and cut into thin slices. Put half of the mango slices in a blender and blend into a fine purée, refrigerate until serving time. Heat some butter and briefly sauté the rest of the mango slices, sprinkle them with icing sugar, turn them over and then cook until slightly caramelised.
  3. Pour the Friesengeist liqueur over the caramelised mangos, light it and wait until the flame goes out. Press the raspberries through a fine sieve with a spoon. Decoratively spread the raspberry puree and mango puree onto each dessert plate. Arrange scoops of the Houjicha ice cream on top and add the warm mango slices.
  • PortionsIngredients for 5 servings
  • Difficultysimple
  • Cooking Timeup to 10 minutes

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