Cleaning, cutting, flavouring, filling

Wollenhaupt specialises in refining and composing loose and portionable leaf teas. This is a particular challenge, as different cut sizes, large pieces of apple or orange and whole petals are both visual highlights and sensitive components. We have precisely customised all processing steps to protect the raw materials during the entire production process.

Fine cuts are of course also part of our repertoire. No matter what cut size you require, we are flexible thanks to our in-house cutting and granulation facilities. Flavouring with special solid flavourings ensures unproblematic packaging in various tea bag formats.
The taste, distinctiveness and quality of a Wollenhaupt tea naturally arise from the interaction of the ingredients, blending and flavouring.
We master the equal distribution of the ingredients of a tea in several packs using state-of-the-art technology and process engineering - whether we are filling 150 kg or 2,500 kg of tea: We always keep an eye on the homogeneity of the blend.
Thanks to a clever flavouring concept, product-specific blending times and the sophisticated combination of blending and packaging processes, we keep our promise.

Enjoy with confidence.


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