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You can also order right now our product assortment with over 450 tea creations and accessories directly online.

A product range of timeless classics and trendy themed worlds is expecting you. Whether it is green tea, black tea, rooibos tea, fruit tea, herbal tea, natural or aromatized tea and organic tea — our catalogue offers something for everyone and is a good foundation for successful assortment design.

We start the new season with many different tea creations, exclusive specialties and an extensive assortment of accessories. A total of 29 delicious teas and 161 inspiring novel accessories are waiting to be discovered.

For the lovers of classical teas there are some outstanding new products from China and Japan, which are becoming increasingly popular on the international stage as they come from the source of exquisite green tea qualities.

In the blink of an eye, our new “Morning Circus" pyramid bag series transforms the morning breakfast hectic rush that we all know too well, into to a circus environment: Whether it is an Earl Grey with small caramel pieces, fruit tea à la marmalade toast, herbal tea with turmeric or gentle green tea- or herbal tea-based organic teas, our inspiring, quickly brewed tea stars "The magical Lord Grey”, “The fearless fruit swallower”, “The daring Mr. Turmeric, “The happy organic Granatino tea” and “The magical Organic Dream Team Tea" are waiting to make their grand appearance!

You’ll take a tasty trip to northern realms, to the home of “hygge” and “lagom”, with our 5 new winter “Nordic Christmas” teas. The five winter teas play creatively with Scandinavian flavors, from the “Lakramell" black tea as well as the “Jul Gløgg" and “Rødgrød med Fløde" fruit teas all the way to the “Mandarin Drøm" and “Svenska Kanelbullar" herbal teas, so modern tea connoisseurs get their money’s worth.

With our four new teas related to the “childhood tastes” topic, we take you to the annual fair to bring back childhood memories that tea connoisseurs of all age groups can share. Look forward to the “Annual Fair Apple", “Candied Nuts", "Crêpe” and “Chocolate Fruits" fruit tea blends. Last but not least, our wide-ranging assortment of accessories with more than 500 items is inspiring. Whether modern or classic, there is something for each customer’s taste. The new assortment of accessories with selected new mugs, pots and cans is the perfect tea assortment supplementation. And our selection of ppd items offers many eye-catching goodies. Timeless, modern and trendy.

What do you think of small minimum purchase quantities and immediate availability? Within Germany, we deliver specialized tea retailers quickly and straightforwardly tea.

Can we serve you even more?? As wholesaler, we react flexibly to the requirements of bulk purchasers. We look forward to your inquiry.

Do we promise too much? Simply convince yourself, search for classic specialties, favorite natural and flavored teas as well as unusual tea-related products in our assortment – you will certainly find what you are looking for!

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