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You can order our range of over 450 tea creations and accessories directly online.

Whether green tea, black tea, rooibos tea, fruit tea, herbal tea, natural or flavored tea and organic tea - our catalogue has something to offer for everyone and is the perfect basis for a successful assortment design.

We are starting the new season with a variety of new tea creations, exclusive classic specialities and an extensive range of accessories. This season 16 delicious new teas and over 100 inspiring new accessories are waiting to be discovered.

With the new tea season 2023/24, we offer you three new classic tea specialities. The hand-rolled Nepal Jun Chiabari is an excellent organic tea that our Tea Tasters have added to the range due to its exceptional quality. It is only available in limited quantities. You will also be delighted by the Taiwan Pouchong Oolong with its fine, floral aromas or the Japanese Kuki-Houjicha Kazuki with delicate roasted notes, which is a perfectly suitable tea for the late afternoon due to its very low caffeine content.


Superblossoms - various power flowers combined with superfruits - are the basis of our five surprising tea creations composed of blossoms and fruits.

Blossoms in tea are absolute classics and not only a visual highlight, they also lend these teas their floral notes. Everyone knows the characteristic aroma of camomile, for example, but in combination with the sweet taste of banana, this power flower brings a completely new taste experience to the cup.

Lavender, on the other hand, is uniquely floral, slightly perfume-like in both scent and taste, and a true superflower. The sweet note of blueberry complements this perfectly and creates a well-rounded flavour profile. And in our sunniest blend, the superfruit sea buckthorn is the hero and convinces in a fresh-fruity melange. Surprise your customers with these novelties!


For mate fans, we present four new mate tea blends. While mate is a traditional infusion drink in South America, it is considered more of a trendy drink in Europe and a versatile and fresh alternative to coffee. We have combined the leaves of the mate bush with exotic fruits and cocoa to create exciting tea blends that can also be enjoyed as iced tea or a cocktail. These teas are accompanied by exciting recipes that provide refreshment in the summer. Win over your customers and turn them into Mate fans, too!

We welcome the cold winter season with our new teas from the Honey & Tea series, consisting of a flavoured organic black tea, a fruit tea and two herbal teas.  Wintery flavour compositions with herbs and spices such as sage and ginger, rounded off with subtle sweet honey notes will delight you and your customers. Two of the tea blends even contain real Manuka honey.

For the Advent and Christmas season, this year we are once again offering you popular tea blends in attractive Christmas packaging. You may look forward to a versatile selection of our most popular Christmas and winter tea blends packed in decorative flat-base bags with festive Christmas labels. You may find matching accessories with the same design in our new Christmas series "Deer Black Gold".

Be inspired by our extensive new range of accessories, we have something for every customer taste. The new Wollenhaupt catalogue has a great selection for you. With these promising new products, you will be well prepared for the coming tea season. 

What do you think of small minimum purchase quantities and immediate availability? Within Germany, we deliver specialized tea retailers quickly and straightforwardly tea.

Can we serve you even more? As wholesaler, we react flexibly to the requirements of bulk purchasers. We look forward to your inquiry.

Do we promise too much? Simply convince yourself, search for classic specialties, favorite natural and flavored teas as well as unusual tea-related products in our assortment – you will certainly find what you are looking for!

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