Nordic Chistmas

Cosy as in Scandinavia

Oh, how hyggelig , oh how cosy. The nicest time of the year has begun, dark and cold outside, shining lights and happy faces at home.
No wonder, Nordic Christmas is coming , and bringing unique, wintery-themed tea creations along with it.


Jul Gløgg

It wouldn’t be Christmas in Scandinavia without Gløgg. This deep red fruit melange delights with its intense taste of berries, cloves and cinnamon, refined with a touch of rum. A non-alcoholic winter pleasure that is equally as delicious as the real Gløgg.

Flavoured fruit melange

Taste: Berries, Spices


Scandinavia without liquorice? Unimaginable! We have created an extraordinary black tea blend with liquorice and caramel that will delight both true liquorice fans and everyone who tries it.  An incomparable combination of subtle liquorice notes and delectable creamy caramel. Try this balanced yet tantalising creation for yourself!

Flavoured blend of black tea and spices

Taste: Caramel, Liquorice

Rødgrød med Fløde

Rødgrød med Fløde, a Danish red berry pudding with cream, is a true classic that definitely belongs in our Scandinavian-inspired winter series. The intense flavour of berries and a delicate creamy note make this fruit melange a particularly “fruitful” blend. And the bright red colour in the cup is also a real pleasure.

Flavoured fruit melange

Taste: Berries, Cream

Svenska Kanelbullar

As in Germany, cinnamon is also a popular spice in Scandinavia during the Christmas season – and Swedish cinnamon rolls inspired us to make this tea. This aromatic herbal blend is a delightful fusion of sweet Honeybush tea, balm and cinnamon, complemented with a slight pastry note. You’ll be craving a second cup.

Flavoured blend of herbs and spices

Taste: Pastry, Cinnamon

Mandarin Drøm

This harmonious herbal blend is a dream made from mandarins, ginger and cinnamon. Mandarins are not only delicious at Christmastime, however. Composed of natural ginger extract, herbs and spices, this blend is an absolute winter delight. The perfect companion for a cosy evening during the chilly season.  

Naturally flavoured blend of spices and fruits

Taste: Ginger, Mandarin, Cinnamon

Christmas classics