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Relaunch of our popular tea series

My new Friend: Hemp

The trendy ingredient hemp was given a lot of attention in the last few months. Hemp teas in particular took on many fans in the market. Therefore, we would like to keep on offering hemp teas in our assortment, even despite tight legal regulations.

After we were forced to temporarily drop our teas from our product line, our product development team came up with a new recipe for our hemp teas. Now, our tasty hemp teas are made with the trendy ingredient hemp seeds. For all those needing a short break from the daily hustle and bustle, our hemp friends "Chill Bill", "Melissa Grass" and "Hemp Rider" are the perfect chill-out buddies.

Just letting go and consciously doing nothing - except for drinking tea and to enjoy.


Hemp Rider

Hemp Rider is the checker and explorer, always around and looking for new adventures. This fruity, sweet and sour mixture with hemp seeds recharges, revitalizes and delights with a surprising, exotic Kombucha taste – time for take-off.

Article-No.: 4022442


Chill Bill

Be like Bill and chill, because this unique mixture of hemp seeds, chili and strawberry is sure to put you in a good mood. Enjoy this fruity rooibos tea blend with a hint of chili, and those annoying everyday worries will melt away. Just let it all go.

Article-No.: 4334142


Melissa Grass

Organics and grass were no strangers to Melissa, even back in her school days. Organic grass in tea is her favourite blend for a relaxing day. Containing hemp seeds, lemongrass, barley grass and balm, this organic herbal blend will get you into chill mode in no time. Harmoniously balanced and with a refreshing lime note, this blend assures a relaxing downtime.

Article-No.: 4340042


Do you like our HEMP FRIENDS? We have other teas with hemp seeds in our range. If you prefer it pure, you can also try our pure organic hemptea.