Honey & Tea

A sweet winter temptation

Discover the sweet fusion of nature and indulgence in our new Honey & Tea series. The delicious sweetness of honey has been combinedwith exquisite
ingredients to create fine tea blends. Our four varieties are the perfect companion on cold winter days. Let the soothing aromas delight you.



Honey & Marzipan (Item no. 40252) - Flavoured blend of fruits and herbs

This seductive composition combines honeybush with fine marzipan, almond, and a gentle sweet note of honey. Let yourself be seduced by its beguiling aroma. This hearty mixture is also visually convincing with rose petals and ideal as a gift or for your own moments of pleasure.

Honey & Almond organic tea* (Item No. 10621) - Naturally flavoured blend of black tea and rooibos 

This exquisite aromatic blend combines a distinct note of chocolate with natural honey aromas and the full-bodied flavor of roasted almonds. A real treat for the taste buds, this tea is recommended as a companion for cosy evenings or for relaxing after a long day.

Honey & Sage (Item no. 43725) - Natural flavoured blend of herbs and fruits 

Sage with ist pleasant spicy taste has proven to be a popular ingredient in teas and in this blend is rounded off with the sweet-tart taste of Manuka honey. This soothing combination provides gentle warmth for the throat. 

  • with genuine Manuka Honey 

Honig & Zitrone Ingwer (Item no. 43726) - Flavoured blend of herbs and spices 

This  delicious spice and herbal tea blend amazes with its balanced combination of spicy ginger and fresh citrus notes. The aromatic flavour of Manuka honey goes wonderfully with it. This tea will also convince herbal tea lovers.

  • with genuine Manuka Honey

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