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Maté is ...

...the infusion drink made from the dried leaves of the maté shrub is called maté or maté tea. In the Spanish-speaking countries of South America, the maté plant is known as the yerba bush and in the Portuguese regions as the erva plant.


In South America, where the leaves for maté are traditionally grown, drinking maté is part of many people’s everyday life. The indigenous peoples of Latin America have long been drinking the classic infusion of maté leaves. In Argentina, more than 80 % of the population still drink maté tea at least once a week. In Europe and North America, maté, served as a refreshing drink in bottles or cans, is viewed more as a trendy drink and is a versatile and fresh alternative to coffee or black tea.

Our new teas with maté

Maté, Green (Article no.: 43021)

For the perfect maté tea, first moisten the leaves with lukewarm water. Then let the moistened maté steep for about 20 seconds so that the leaves swell as much as possible. In the final step, infuse the wet leaves with hot water.

Traditionally, maté is drunk with a straw (bombilla) out of a hollowed bottle gourd (calebasse). However, its earthy flavour also comes into its own in the classic tea cup.

LiMaté (Article no.: 43722)

What could be more classic South American than maté and lime? Among Argentinians, this combination is especially popular served as a cold soft drink. Lime is a perfect complement to the intense maté and makes this tea fruity, fresh and spicy at the same time. LiMaté gives a boost of freshness to any summer party.

Maté y Cacao (Article no.: 43723)

Sweet and bitter maté combined with the best parts of the cocoa bean create a taste profile reminiscent of fine chocolate. To add a fruity component, we recommend brewing a fresh slice of orange with it. Cocoa and maté belong to South America like pizza and pasta do to Italy. This tea is a drink for South America aficionados and gourmets!

PeachMaté (Article no.: 43724)

Especially on hot summer days, a variety of fruits find their way into the calebasses of South Americans. We decided on a combination with peach, which makes the tea sweet, fruity and surprisingly exotic. Also delicious served as iced tea!

Sweet Maté (Article no.: 43163)

Many young South Americans find the classic maté infusion to be too bitter. Therefore, maté is often sweetened with fruit or a little sugar. We’ve done the same with this blend. In this tea, green maté is infused with candied mango and pineapple bits, giving it a harmonious balance between the tart maté notes and the exotic sweet nuances of the tropical fruits.

Morocco Maté (Art. 43162)

Reminiscent of Arabian Nights, in this melange sweet, spicy cinnamon, fresh peppermint, liquorice and green maté mingle to an oriental, exotic delicacy

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