Tea & Ingredients

Special Diversity for pure Enjoyment

Special Diversity for pure Enjoyment

For you – our customers – we are constantly on the lookout for the new, the unique, the exceptional. Perhaps it is a premium tea estate experiencing its renaissance? Or maybe a fruit used in a tea blend for the very first time?

Think about enjoyment, expertise, care, specialities, composition, safety, discovery, exploration, harmony, the special, the exclusive.
Drink a tea creation from Wollenhaupt and these words resonate.


  • Loose tea of all origins, qualities and leaf grades
  • Flavoured black and green teas
  • Tea specialities (Oolongs, white teas, green teas, scented teas)
  • Decaffeinated tea
  • Large offer of organic teas and sustainable certified teas 


Fruit, rooibos and herbal tea

  • Leaf teas, coarse cuts and fine cuts
  • Natural blends as well as flavoured and innovative flavoured blends with e.g. natural plant extracts, oils or fruit juice concentrates
  • Variety of single herbs
  • Recipes with organic certification and sustainable certified raw ingredients


With more than 700 ingredients for herbal infusions and fruit melanges and the abundant selection of classic tea varieties, we are always creating new teas to enjoy. If desired, about 450 flavours can be used to enhance the natural taste of teas, herbal blends and fruit melanges. Our repertoire includes a broad array of dried, candied and freeze-dried ingredients – from pineapple cubes and strawberry slices up to coconut chips. For example, think about the large fruit bits you see when you prepare a fruit melange. What seems to be so easy and natural is actually the result of precisely coordinated processing steps. A little smaller and suitable for many requirements are the raw ingredients we use for triangle and fine cuts. Discover our world of ingredients and the possibilities we offer you.


Did you know that we ...

  • have at least 1,800 tonnes of black and green teas and at least 1,500 tonnes of herbal and fruit ingredients in our raw material warehouse at all times?
  • monitor the entire value chain of our raw ingredients based on our own stringent standards and that we can meet particularly ambitious requirements as well?
  • are also continuing to expand our activities in the area of organic and sustainability certifications for raw ingredients, including UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade?
  • keep in close contact with our suppliers and growers, visit them regularly, and optimise processes together with them? That we are happy to support long-term cooperative projects with local producers, and have already implemented such projects for some of our products?

Enjoy with confidence thus also means confidence in variety, diversity, surprise and the unexpected.