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Responsibility and sustainability for our employees

We work together, we work with each other. What motivates us, what makes us strong, productive and efficient? Health benefits, career development and training opportunities, and satisfaction surveys are just some of the external incentives; what’s crucial is a company culture that allows passion, encourages independent thinking and initiative, and has effective communication channels and short decision-making paths.

The fact that more than 220 employees contribute their know-how, their ideas and their commitment to our company every day is not something we take for granted. Their passion is a great gift and is essential for positive business development. Respect and reliability, our values, also form the foundation here. Because sustainable business not only means providing health-promoting workplaces or a range of social benefits, but also authenticity, dependability, reliability when it comes to interpersonal interactions. Our understanding of corporate, sustainability-oriented responsibility for the people who significantly help shape and contribute to Wollenhaupt success every day guides our professional life and our shared working Environment: 


  • Open communication: “Open doors”, regular feedback meetings and employee satisfaction Surveys 
  • Promotion of junior staff and young talent: An average of 10 trainees as well as interns on a regular basis, participation in events such as Girls’ & Boys’ Day
  • Continuing professional development: Job-related training, further education and development opportunities
  • Management development
  • Regular salary reviews
  • Occupational safety and health: Ergonomic optimisation of workstations, especially for physical tasks, e. g. through height adjustments, lifting aids, etc. in the production Areas
  • Job flexibility for employees: Flexible working hours for the commercial section
  • Social benefits: Company pension scheme, free tea bar, subsidised "HVV ProfiTicket" public transport pass as well as "JobRad", company discounts on personal purchases, canteen with employer-subsidised meals
  • Sports, fitness and health programmes (GW-Fit): Football, badminton, ergonomic workplaces, flu vaccines


One thing about this list is particularly important, however: It is not complete it is open to ideas, suggestions and requests. And it will continue to be “under construction” because our management is open to continuous improvement and actively ensures its implementation.


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