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Environmental protection at Wollenhaupt

An active commitment to environmental protection is the best basis for sustainable and consistently safe products. Nevertheless, environmental protection can only be really good and effective if it is not half-hearted, not just empty talk.

We started getting seriously involved in environmental protection and resource conservation years ago. We are on the path and sticking with it. Among other achievements, we reduced our electricity consumption by 50,000 kWh in 2015 – a figure that is equivalent to the annual consumption of more than ten single-family houses. Since 2016, all the electricity we use comes from 100 % wind power.

We are taking the following steps, along with others, with the goal of meeting the requirements of environmentally responsible business operations:

Optimised logistics processes

We avoid unnecessary deliveries and returns of teas and ingredients by adopting a strategy that goes beyond the standard processes used in our industry: Independent inspectors take samples of the goods right at the place of origin and transport the sample to Germany for analysis. We do not release the goods for transport until this quality inspection has been passed.



Vehicle fleet running on electricity and in-house charging stations


Heat recovery from compressed air

We save energy, because we do not let the exhaust air from the compressors used in production simply go to waste, but use it for heating instead.


Waste management & "Der Grüne Punkt"

We have implemented our own management system for waste as well, in order to improve the quality of our waste for recycling purposes. We make a significant contribution to climate protection by participating in the DSD dual system for the recycling of sales packaging (“Der Grüne Punkt”).

The savings from our recycling activity are determined in 5 impact categories. The certificate is evidence of these savings.

Conservation of resources through continous building modernisation

e. g. switching from neon lights to longer-lasting and energy-saving illuminants, replacing windows


Sustainable packaging material

At Wollenhaupt, sustainability is not limited to the raw materials used for tea. Our packaging materials can also contribute towards greater environmental protection.

Specifically, this means:

Changing from plastic to paper adhesive tape

In production, we currently use a plastic adhesive tape made of polypropylene. This is basically 100 % recyclable, but in most cases the adhesive tape will not be removed from the cardboard and thus ends up in incineration. In future, we are going to use a paper adhesive tape which, on the one hand, consists of a renewable raw material and, on the other hand, can be 100 % recycled together with the cardboard.

Thickness reduction of cardboard packaging

We were able to reduce the thickness of some cardboard packaging used in the production process and partially achieved material savings of up to 40 %. This not only saves raw material but also water, energy, and CO2.

Thickness reduction of stretch film

We have reduced the thickness of the stretch film we use for transporting the pallets from 23 µm to 17 µm. This saves almost 30 % in material, water, energy, and CO2.

Thickness reduction of stretch tapes

We have achieved a thickness reduction from 40 µm to 10 µm in the stretch tapes used for transport. This allows a 75 % saving in material, water, energy, and CO2.

Document bags: Changing from plastic to paper

All our goods accompanying documents are attached to the goods with a document bag. We now use paper bags made from renewable raw materials instead of plastic bags. These can also be 100 % recycled via the paper cycle.

All new materials are thoroughly tested at our company so that we can rule out any reduction in quality and product safety. And because a resource-friendly approach to our environment is important to us, we are working on other projects, such as the use of grass-based cardboard in our cardboard packaging, the exchange of our closure labels with renewable raw materials, and the use of mono-materials in our films and bags to improve recyclability.

Green electricity and green gas

Wollenhaupt uses green electricity and green gas. Renewable energies play a key role in addressing climate change. For Wollenhaupt, switching to renewable energy sources is one of the most important starting points on the way to reducing one's own carbon footprint. We want to make our contribution to a future worth living through the integration of green electricity and green gas.

The certificates proof our CO2 savings through green electricity and green gas. 

but the most important

Raising the awareness for sustainability of all company employees.

Just one example: This already begins with our trainees. As part of the IHK organisation Energy Revolution and Climate Protection, two trainees were qualified to become "energy scouts". The trainees participated in several workshops and then presented a self-developed project to a jury.  The project "Stand by me instead of Stand-By - simply switch off" dealt with saving energy by switching off devices that often remain in stand-by mode in offices even though there is no need for it. The project successfully earned our trainees 3rd place in Hamburg.

The measures and little adjustments identified in this project were introduced to the various departments at Wollenhaupt. This way, and with many small steps, we are constantly working on the sustainability of our company.


Taken all together, these measures comprise Wollenhaupt triad of success: increase energy efficiency, conserve resources, reduce climate-relevant emissions.

By monitoring and controlling via our energy management system, we have a constant overview of our consumption levels and can already derive and implement various measures to conserve resources.

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