Fruits, Herbs and Ingredients

Exquisite Ingredients for perfect enjoyment

Raw Ingredients from All Over the World

In addition to tea, Wollenhaupt purchases numerous other ingredients, such as herbs, petals, blossoms, fruits and spices, from all over the world for its tea blends. More than 750 different raw ingredients from 64 countries worldwide are currently sourced for the herbs, fruits and ingredients segment.

Our purchasers often travel around in search of top-quality raw ingredients. From A for anise to Z for zucchini – Wollenhaupt offers a wide range of ingredients. Around a third of the goods are even available in the best organic quality.



Herbs comprise a large part of our range of ingredients. Around 160 different herbs, including several varieties of mint, verbena, camomile, basil and many other plants, are used in our tea creations. To ensure that the herbs consistently have the same excellent quality as our other ingredients, we have initiated our own cultivation projects with small-scale farmers in various countries.

For organic hemp, organic barley grass and organic apple mint, we have already established successful cooperations with an organic farmer in Austria. In Poland, we partner with two farmers who grow premium peppermint for us. We purchase our camomile from a farmer in Croatia. In addition, we are currently planning a complete conversion to organic camomile. These close cooperations with farms let us agree on and coordinate varieties, quantities and harvest times with the farmers right from the start and ensure high quality at all times.


Our extensive fruit range features rosehips, apple bits, citrus fruits, all kinds of berries, pineapples, and other exotic fruits. Whether organic, wild-harvested or from conventional arable farms, with 262 different products, we utilise a broad spectrum of fruits.

Our rosehips, which we also offer in UTZ-certified and organic qualities, mainly come from wild harvesting in Chile. So that we can offer consistently high-quality apple bits, including in UTZ-certified and organic qualities, we have set up a cooperation with farmers in Turkey. This collaboration guarantees that we can procure the best quality ingredients in the required quantities. 


Like the icing on the cake, spices are essential in our aromatic tea blends. Cinnamon, cardamom, chili, pepper, anise and fennel are just a few of the spices we use.

For our spice purchases as well, we only source the best quality and visit our suppliers directly on site.

Petals and Blossoms

Our tea creations not only provide delicious enjoyment, we want our blends to be a pleasure for the eye as well.  We use colourful petals from selected plants, such as cornflowers, marigolds, hibiscus and small rosebuds.

The vivid spots of colour give our teas that extra something.