Spring 2024

Spring in your cup with our new tea collection!

New tea highlights for spring

Spring not only awakens nature, but also the anticipation of refreshing and revitalising teas that perfectly suit the season. Discover our new spring tea collection, which picks up on current trends and promises fresh flavour experiences.


Day Booster

This tea blend provides an extra boost. An aromatic, delicately flavoured blend with mate, green and black tea and guarana seeds for that extra caffeine kick. The flavour of this creation skilfully combines spicy ginger with liquorice and cocoa seeds to create a full-bodied breakfast companion.

Flavour: Chocolate, Coffee
Item: 43727

Kombucha Cherry Cinnamon

An extravagant tea creation that delights with its seductive aroma of sweet cherries. When infused, this harmonious green tea blend presents itself with delicate cherry flavours, exciting Kombucha notes and a subtle sweetness. Rounded off with delicately spicy cinnamon notes, this tea really does have something magical about it.

Flavour: Kombucha, Cherry, Cinnamon
Item: 10703


Sammy Spring

Sammy Spring is stunning just to look at. The fresh and delicate fragrance lets you feel spring immediately. Citrus and floral notes are combined with delicate fruity flavours in this wonderful tea blend. A well-balanced tea and therefore a pleasant companion for the whole day.

Flavour: Herbs
Item 43728


Summer's delight

We have captured the first warm sunny days with our fruit tea blend. Fruity, sweet peach flavours accompanied by delicate, fragrant elderflowers make you dream of summer. A harmonious, lovely blend that you can't get enough of.

Flavour: Peach, Elderflower
Item: 40353