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Our Areas of Expertise

Wollenhaupt Tee stands for enjoyment of the highest quality.

One of our strengths is the careful processing and enhancement of our superior quality teas in order to ensure maximum product safety for you. During the processing and production of our teas, we put a top priority on taste, gentle handling, and the highest level of food safety. For this purpose, we use various techniques and methods and work hand-in-hand in all departments, from purchasing and product development right through to production.

To optimally meet the challenges of our customers, we have added to our extensive expertise in recent years – from flavouring to cleaning:


  • Compatible replacement of nature-identical flavours with natural flavours to ensure an optimal match with the flavour profile
  • Very extensive and continuously growing flavour portfolio
  • Perfect approach for meeting the increasing demand for naturally flavoured products


  • Improved flavour stability ensures the finest taste until the end of the best-before date
  • Optimised flowability and ease of packing
  • Latest generation aroma and flavour technology for fine and triangle cuts


  • Consistent flavour stability and a shelf life over two years
  • More intense flavour profile due to greater use of flavours for coarse and triangle cuts
  • Unique technology to apply and accumulate flavour on tea leaves and raw ingredients
  • Uniform flavour distribution in the product
  • Good flowability and ease of packing for triangle and coarse cuts

Cold Brew

  • Tea can simply and easily be brewed with cold water
  • Convenience: the tea is ready very quickly
  • An ideal summer beverage and good alternative to the usual sweet soft drinks

High Performance Cleaning

  • Close monitoring of raw ingredients during arrival and production
  • Professional cleaning techniques for raw ingredients (e.g. air separation, wind sifting, manual sorting, laser sorting, metal detection)
  • Individual risk assessment of all raw ingredients and use of appropriate cleaning programmes

“As a product developer, I am proud that my team and I have access to a broad product range of raw ingredients, delicious flavours and technical innovations – while always meeting the highest standards of quality and safety. Our customers can trust our expertise in creating delightful tea compositions for their enjoyment.”

Michael Görres, Head of Product Development

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