Tea Trading

From the Tea Estate direct to you

More than a simple matter of buying and selling tea!

A separate section on tea trading, why is that ? Because tea trading involves and requires more than  simply buying and selling tea.


The requirements of Quality, value for money, Quality Assurance and Product Security, Environmental Sustainability and Certifications creates today a complexity that demands a high level of competence and knowledge.

Wollenhaupt Tea Trading customers benefit from  very much more than just the large assortment of teas we offer from a wide range of origins. This is particularly important in a world where climatic disruptions in the origins can lead to the limited availability of products.

Our tea trading team is comprised of well-travelled experts who are knowledgeable, experienced and  in constant contact with  the product, suppliers, customers,  logistics, market and Quality Assurance requirements. In particular, the team’s’wide knowledge and  cooperation with their network of well-established tea producers and exporters in over 20 tea-producing countries make them the right  partners.

The core activity is the trading of tea in original packed form without any processing or repacking, either from our warehoused stock in Reinbek and Hamburg, or shipped directly from origin to customers around the world. In addition, blends of classical teas of all qualities and grades are produced to match customer requirements, for supply in bulk packing. There is an overall focus on organic and sustainably certified products.

What does that mean for you?

Individuality: No matter how diverse the requirements of your markets, your customers and your own processes are: Let us know your requirements, and profit from our experience. From the production in origin direct to you? We are pleased to arrange just-in-time shipments direct from origin.

Flexibility: No matter how diverse your quality requirements  may be: Benefit from the global network of contacts we have established over the past 130 years. Our extensive warehoused stock of teas of different qualities and from a variety of origins allows for supply in case of urgent demand.

Stability: In our Tea Trading team, you have a partner able to provide comprehensive advice and is available  to assist you in optimizing  your strategic procurement decisions.

For our team, tea trading means focusing on one thing above all: What does the customer want  what is he looking for? Where can we find the right product for him in the desired quality? What are the relative strengths of each producer or supplier, and the ability to handle special requests? Travel is certainly a key ingredient in this. Tea trading is not a full-time  desk job, personal contact with people -– with customers and with our suppliers in origin -– is also very important, along with a healthy dose of a strong passion for tea.


Staying close to the global tea sources and the sales markets is absolutely essential.

Marco Sinram Head of Tea Trading

The trading of tea has been a core competence at Wollenhaupt for more than 135 years.The decades of experience and the  tireless passion for tea is precisely the expertise that our customers and tea enthusiasts benefit from. Our experienced Tea trading team provides thorough, expert advice. Utilising their knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the various regions of origin, they manage the extremely product portfolio and ensure year-round availability of different origins, harvest periods  and tea qualities by keeping extensive inventory  on hand. As members of the “Ethical Tea Partnership”, they place a special focus on sustainably certified teas.


Sustainability, an eye on the future, and our active engagement with  environmental issues and commitment to fair labour conditions are the factors that motivated Wollenhaupt Tea Trading to become a Member of the Ethical Tea Partnership in 2014. The first tea trading company to do so. The trading activities increasingly focus on tea qualities that are certified as sustainable.

As a merchant of classical tea in the modern world, Wollenhaupt is your experienced advisor and innovative trendsetter, your eyes and ears constantly on the pulse of the market, your smart agent, your reliable supplier and your passionate, dedicated partner.