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140 years of experience in the tea business has made us experts in the wholesale sector. Our very extensive range of Japanese teas has just the right Matcha or Houjicha quality to suit your budget – as an ingredient for food, mixed drinks, dietary supplements or for traditional preparation with your own individual label as a private label for the retail sector.


Tea powder for food applications

The food industry in particular thrives on new and, most of all, creative ideas. Everyone is looking for taste and flavour combinations that delight and excite consumers!  

The classic umami taste of Matcha with its vibrant green colour or the nutty roasted notes in Houjicha powder offer interesting sensory combination options. 
Using them as an ingredient in ice cream, chocolate, baked goods, dairy beverages and mixed drinks is especially popular. 

For Matcha, the quality of the green tea is as crucial as its gentle treatment during the production process. The key is to preserve many beneficial ingredients – the fact that Matcha is made from the entire leaf attests to that. Ingredients such as antioxidants, caffeine and the L-theanine amino acid are typical characteristics of high-quality Matcha.

The geographical location of the tea garden, the harvest period, as well as the length of time that the green tea is shaded are the essential criteria for classifying Matcha and its use as a cost-efficient cooking quality, a traditional drinking Matcha, or a top ceremonial grade Matcha.


Our extensive assortment

Matcha VarietyHarvest PeriodTaste ProfileUseDescription
KaoriAutumnYellow-green, astringent  Good value for money, industrial grade, versatile as a food ingredient.
HonokaSecond harvest, autumnYellow-green colour, bitter, earthyCost-effective quality from the autumn harvest, high in antioxidants, suitable for cooking, food and mixed drinks.
HanaTop selection from autumnGreen, bold, clear, quite bitterA Matcha that blends well with all types of ingredients. Extremely versatile for use in muesli/cereals, baking mixes, pastries and chocolate.
MinamiSummer/autumnLight green, fresh, umami (mild), balanced sweetness Balanced Matcha that combines sweetness and astringency. Enjoy it with milk and cream – as a latte, for example.
ShiroFirst harvest/springFresh green, umami, mild, slightly sweetFull, soft mouthfeel, a quality made from the first leaves after winter, which grow slowly. 
KumoTop selection from springVibrant green, umami (medium), mildly sweet, creamyHigh-quality Matcha made from first flush tea leaves, delectable smooth taste for Matcha connoisseurs and those who want to be.
MukashiBest selection – first harvestVibrant green colour, umami, subtle sweetness, silky A gem that unites finesse and delicacy, with a lingering, smooth and mellow mouthfeel. Tea master quality.
Imperial Premium selection – first harvestBright green colour, umami (strong), elegant sweetness, velvety smoothRich mouthfeel with a long, lingering finish that calms the mind while awakening the consciousness. The highest and finest ceremonial-grade Matcha.
Houjicha light Autumn harvest, light roastLight brown, nutty, caramelly, creamy Roasted green tea powder as an ingredient for mixed drinks, muesli mixtures, versatile food ingredient.
Houjicha mediumAutumn, medium roastBalanced roasted flavour, nutty, coffee-/cocoa-likeDistinct roasted notes, nutty, ideal for mixed drinks, for example with milk or milk substitutes.
Houjicha dark Autumn, dark roastDark, very nutty, maltyVersatile uses in baking mixes, spice blends with roasted notes.

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In addition to Matcha and Houjicha tea powders , we offer an extensive range of organic Japanese teas for specialised and wholesale customers.
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On request, we can also print your labels and label the tins or bags for you - we supply the product behind your brand!

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