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Super Blossoms

Power flowers combined with superfruits

Various power flowers combined with superfruits - that‘s food pairing at its best.

Flowers in tea are absolutely classic. Not only are they a visual highlight, flowery taste is also very popular, especially in spring. With food pairing, we create synergies between two special ingredients that go particularly well together because of their aroma. We have chosen flowers as the basis: camomile, hibiscus, mallow, lavender and sunflower. Each of these blossoms has something remarkable about it and we have searched for the fruit that goes best with it. Searched and found!

Our flowery tea blends:

Camomile-Banana (item no. 43720) – Naturally flavoured blend of herbs and fruits

Camomile is a true super blossom and simply does you good. Everyone is familiar with its distinctive aroma, but in combination with the sweet taste of banana, this power blossom will surprise you. A special tea blend that is a delight served both hot and cold.

Hibiscus-Cassis Organic Tea (item no. 40248) – Naturally flavoured fruit melange

Hibiscus is a classic in fruit melanges. The brisk and fresh acidity that these blossoms unfold in the infusion is a perfect complement to the slightly tart taste of black currants. A wonderful taste experience, especially when served as iced tea!

Mallow-Tropical Fruit  (item no. 40249) – Naturally flavoured fruit melange

The mallow blossom is a true visual highlight and makes this tea blend a real eyecatcher. In this tea, floral taste meets tropical fruits such as pineapple, papaya, guava and mango – a symbiosis of spring and summer!

Lavender-Blueberry (item no. 40250) – Naturally flavoured fruit melange

Lavender has a uniquely floral and slightly perfumy smell and taste, and is a real super blossom. The sweet note of blueberry accentuates it perfectly and gives it a balanced flavour profile. Moreover, blueberries are considered by many to be a superfruit – making it a great addition. A delicious treat, also when served as a fruity iced tea!

Sunflower-Sea Buckthorn (item no. 40251) – Naturally flavoured fruit melange

Sunflowers embody the summer and sun in a blossom like no other. We capture the bright vibrancy of the petals in this tea blend and combine this mix of floral flavours with a juicy citrus note and the superfruit sea buckthorn. Served hot or ice cold, this tea blend is mouth-watering!

Flowery accessories

Flowery accessories matching the flowery teas are of course indispensable. In line with the "Flower Power" trend range, we offer you decorative labels in German for the five new teas. With their flowery design, these labels turn your tea bags into something very special and real eye-catchers.