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In addition to tea, Wollenhaupt purchases numerous other ingredients, such as herbs, petals, blossoms, fruits and spices, from all over the world for its tea blends. More than 800 different raw ingredients from 64 countries worldwide are currently sourced for the herbs, fruits and ingredients segment.

In our constant search for high-quality ingredients for tea blends, we have developed a high level of expertise in the purchasing of herbs, fruits, and ingredients. Various in-house cleaning and processing procedures also contribute to our ability to offer customers a wide range of herbal raw materials in different qualities and cut sizes. Around a third of the goods are even available in the best organic quality.

Selection from our assortment:

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Pure pleasure or aromatic blend
Herbs are a large part of our assortment. We have around 160 different herbs, including various mints, verbena, camomile, basil and many other plants in stock or can procure these at short notice. In order to maintain consistently excellent quality, we have initiated our own cultivation projects with small farmers in various countries.

An organic apple mint variety specially selected for us was realised in cooperation with an organic farmer in Austria. We have excellent peppermint grown in Poland and a project for organic cornflowers is running successfully in Romania.

We source camomile from a farmer in Croatia and are currently planning to switch completely to organic camomile.

Thanks to these close co-operations with farms, we can coordinate varieties, quantities and harvest times with the farmers from the very beginning and ensure consistently high quality.


The eye drinks too
Tea blends should not only be a flavourful treat, they should also be pleasing to the eye. Petals from selected plants are often used for this purpose, such as cornflowers, marigolds, safflower, hibiscus or small rosebuds.

We offer you various flowers as colourful splashes of colour to give your products that certain something extra.


Fruity variety for flavourful creations
Rosehips, apple pieces, citrus fruits, berries of all kinds, pineapple and other exotic fruits form the basis of many blends. Partly from organic cultivation, partly from wild collections or from conventional farms, we offer you around 260 different products in various cut sizes.

Our rosehips, which we also offer in organic quality and Rainforest Alliance certified, come mainly from Chilean wild collections.

In order to be able to offer apple slices of consistently high quality, we have a co-operation with farmers in Turkey. This enables us to ensure that we can use the required quantities in the best quality - whether conventional, organic or Rainforest Alliance certified.


Sweet, tangy or spicy
Just like salt in soup, spices should not be missing in flavoured tea blends. Cinnamon, cardamom, chilli, caraway, aniseed and fennel are just some of the spices that we use ourselves in blends or offer as raw materials. Here, too, we pay attention to the best quality and visit our suppliers directly on site.


Your trading partner

✓ Specialised trading department in the area of herbs, fruits and ingredients for a smooth trading process
Long-term experience in purchase and sale
✓ Extensive expertise and qualified advice
Large product portfolio, various cut sizes as per customer specifications
✓ Various cleaning processes e.g. laser cleaning
Products certified as organic and sustainable, according to the Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance standards
Long-standing partners in our countries of origin
Comprehensive storage capacities as well as production and packaging possibilities
✓ Reliable quality assurance, certifications and documentation

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