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Tea Concepts

Explore our new tea assortment!

What’s new in our tea assortment

A couple of times a year, we expand our tea assortment to meet the needs of specific target groups, based on trend research. With trendy ingredients, a well thought-out concept and high-quality tea blends, our tea assortment offers all you need for successful sales. Be inspired by our ideas.


Honey & Tea

A sweet winter temptation

Discover the sweet fusion of nature and indulgence in our new Honey & Tea series. The delicious sweetness of honey has been combined with exquisite ingredients to create fine tea blends. 


A trend gone mainstream!

Maté is becoming more and more popular! And no wonder, because maté provides a certain freshness and energy that is irresistible.

Super Blossoms

Various power flowers combined with superfruits - that‘s food pairing at its best.

Flowers in tea are absolutely classic. Not only are they a visual highlight, flowery taste is also very popular, especially in spring. Discover special blends in this flowery tea series!

Highland Moments

Experience Christmas Scottish!

This winter is all about Scottish coziness with innovative flavors like hazelnut, orange and whiskey and brown notes. Fruits and Scottish pastries are not neglected either. A tea series for the whole family!

Evening Teas

Tea blends to relax and come down

Support your customers with our new evening tea series: soothing herbs such as valerian, lavender or fennel can be used in a natural way for a restful sleep. Also included are two special Ayurvedic tea blends for preparation as Moon Milk.

Favourite colour: MULTICOLOURED

Teas as colourful as life - Not possible?

It can be! With our brightly coloured teas in your customers‘ favourite colours, preparing the tea is just as much fun as actually drinking it.

mindfulness&tea by Wollenhaupt

Good resolutions and tea: simply excellent enjoyment to recharge your batteries and look ahead. Natural organic tea blends provide the perfect start to spring.

Individual Assortment Development & Customer Workshops

We would also be pleased to advise you on your individual assortment development and offer detailed tea workshops to expand your tea assortment.