Product Development

Composing. Tasting. Refining.

Here arise pleasure products!

Classic, innovative, and also exceptionally large pieces of fruit and other ingredients on a high quality level – together with you and for you, we develop new and inventive fruit melanges, herbal infusions and tea blends as well as flavoured black, green and white teas.

No matter which tea you prefer: Every tea recipe from Wollenhaupt demonstrates our in-depth and thorough understanding of taste, flavour, market knowledge, trends, and the right mix.

How can you be sure that you have made the right decision in choosing teas from Wollenhaupt?

Make use of our country-specific knowledge relating to flavour profiles, food-related legal issues, logistics or documentation.

Wollenhaupt works with trend scouts, scientific advisors and universities. What`s popular now and what will be the future trends?

New ingredients and new technologies for tea processing, mixing, flavouring and packaging often make Wollenhaupt a pioneer in our field. Particularly for leaf tea and loose tea.

Market research is good, and knowledge gained from experience isn`t bad either. We put them both together and create individual assortments, set trends and demonstrate our expertise. With you and for you.

Can’t you just sense the fragrant smells? Here in the sample room, our product developers select from more than 1,400 raw ingredients and about 460 flavourings to create new tea blends with a high potential for success. 



The first test. The sensory chamber. Does the newly created tea blend make an impression? Does the new batch of a tea variety really taste the way it should? And look like it should? Specially trained Wollenhaupt tea tasters use their sensitive taste buds to detect even the smallest nuances and assess the sensory characteristics of each tea based on objective, clear and reliable criteria – ensuring that we never lose track of the right taste and flavour of our creations. 

How long can this tea be stored? How does a blend taste if it is prepared with very hard water? What type of packaging is right? In our own in-house technical centre and lab, we call everything into question. And find the answers for you.

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