Highland Moments

Experience Christmas in a new way - Take your customers to Scotland this year!

Transport your customers to Scotland! This year, we are offering you and your customers a very special tea concept. This winter, it's all about Scottish warmth and cosiness, featuring innovative flavours like hazelnut orange, whiskey and brown notes, along with fruits and Scottish pastries. A tea series for the whole family.

Hot Toddy (item no. 4340842)

Flavoured blend of rooibos tea and fruits with lime and whisky taste

The Scottish classic "Hot Toddy" is created to keep us warm on cold days. A mix of whiskey, lime and hot water provide a unique taste. Our "Hot Toddy" is spicy with a subtle sweetness. Just the perfect drink for cold wintry days and a great alternative to mulled wine.

Ginger Shortbread (item no. 1061603)

Flavoured blend of green tea and herbs with almond-pastry taste

The production and recipe for Scottish shortbread have been passed down through many generations and are sacred to the Scots to this day. However, ginger and almonds not only go well in the classic pastry, but also combine perfectly in a cup of tea. No need to bake to enjoy the taste of shortbread.

Fiona's Fruit Cake (item no.: 4024503)

Flavoured fruit melange with spicy fruit taste

As a Scottish girl, Fiona loves fruits, such as apples, pears, berries and raisins, which are found in almost every Scottish fruit cake. These are also super tasty infused hot. This aromatic fruit melange convinces with fruity and spicy notes.

Sir Lancelot (Art.-Nr.: 1062042)

Naturally flavoured blend of black tea and fruits with hazelnut-orange-vanilla taste

As a knight of the round table, Sir Lancelot likes smoky, dark notes when it comes to eating and drinking. This tea with Lapsang Souchong, nuts and orange peel would certainly please this gentleman. A tea for connoisseurs and gourmets!

Irish Cream (item no. 1092503)

Flavoured black tea with chocolate-vanilla taste

This strong blend with typcial whiskey/cocoa flavour, rounded off with a hint of vanilla not only finds its fans among gentlemen. Enjoy a cup of Irish Cream and dream of the rolling hills of Scotland.

Recommended Recipe

Make yourself comfortable and take the time to mix up a special drink.