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Agatha was and still is the best!

Happy 50th Birthday

Wollenhaupt Tee GmbHWollenhaupt Tee GmbH

Our Agatha’s Bester private label can now look back on half a century. In 1972, we introduced our “Agatha’s Bester” product brand for certain items. Our Agatha collection encompasses premium accessories and the best quality that you, our customer, can rely on. The items in our accessories range are thoroughly put through their paces before they are added to our assortment.

We test the materials for heat resistance, flavour stability, functionality and handling, and many products undergo rigorous endurance tests. Only those items that meet our strict standards make it into our catalogue. This is especially true for our private brand, Agatha’s Bester.

Agatha´s Bester in the change of time.

But who is Agatha, anyway? She is a lovely lady who is young at heart, has travelled the world, is well-read and has a great passion for tea. She enjoys sharing her life experiences and enthusiasm for everything beautiful and high-quality, making her the perfect ambassador for our tea accessories. To ensure that the packaging is also visually appealing to the customers in your specialty shop, we have completely redesigned the Agatha’s Bester packaging. The design was a bit outdated and is now fresh, modern and has a high recognition factor. The familiar elements, such as the Wollenhaupt green colour theme and the name, are still there, but in a reinterpreted form.

We will gradually switch over all products with this label, so that these items in the uniform new Agatha’s Bester design will soon be highlights in your shop. And coming soon: new folding boxes for a variety of our high-quality basic accessories.

The majority of the articles will be offered in the new design at the start of the 2022 season. For now, items that are currently still in stock will remain in the old design and will be updated during post-production.

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