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The People Behind Wollenhaupt

Get to know us!

The people who put their passion, enthusiasm and expertise into their work every day, for your benefit. 

Personality is a central character trait of our products, our tradition and our staff. A sense of community and camaraderie, a strong team spirit that ensures quality, enjoyment and variety – we want to convey this photographically, too.

So, come meet our team and get to know us a little better. We look forward to it!


Executive Management Wollenhaupt

Two brothers, one family, a tradition of entrepreneurship. The Wollenhaupt brothers have been actively sharing the responsibility for the strategic business operations for almost 30 years now: Dirk Wollenhaupt, spokesman for the management, is in charge of the Tea Product Division; Jörg Wollenhaupt is head of the Vanilla Business Unit. 

What is important to them:
Closeness to the people and the markets. Personal dialogue with everyone who works daily to contribute to the company's success. 

What they value:
Reliability and respect

Their mission:
To create enjoyment and bring it to the world


Tea division managers at wollenhaupt

The managers of the Tea Division are distinguished by the close relationships with their teams and expertise in their areas of responsibility. They are strategic and operational managers who stay on top of things and keep track of the big picture in the course of their day-to-day work. Together with the executive management, they consistently strive to ensure the continuous advancement and development of the Tea Division at Gebrüder Wollenhaupt GmbH. Stefan Feußner manages the entire Sales Department as well as Marketing and Product Development. Mathias Koop heads the Supply Chain Department (food and non-food purchasing, production, engineering and technology, logistics).


Product development and Marketing

Without innovation, tradition would probably be a short-lived pleasure. Our product development and marketing team is the best example of merging traditional values and new products through creative ideas. Here, the familiar becomes the source of the new, the unknown.

You can find our experts not only at their desks, of course, but also in workshops with customers, in the laboratory and at international trade fairs – as part of their trend research. At Wollenhaupt, marketing and product development are a single unit, philosophically and physically. The shared office lets the team communicate better and faster, and also makes their work a lot of fun.


Quality assurance

Does the hibiscus look right? How is the quality of the apple bits that just came in? What were the results of the analysis of the camomile flowers? What others may call picky is a compliment to our “quality assurers”. It is good to have such strict, fastidious and expert quality control at our company.

They are meticulous and know exactly what is important: Visits to the countries of origin and direct contact with suppliers as well as knowledge about country-specific legal matters are an essential basis for ensuring safe and delicious products.


field sales representatives and inside sales department Germany, Austria and Switzerland

There are no sales without sales representatives! Our field sales representatives and Inside Sales Department for the Germany, Austria and Switzerland region are motivated by their close proximity to our customers every single day. The team is distinguished by its exceptional service and advising, excellent technical and interpersonal skills, years of experience, and the ability and desire to really listen to the requirements and wishes of the customers.

This is the first point of contact, where the right solutions are created, ideas are developed together, questions are resolved, prices calculated and contracts concluded – a lot of it happens by phone, by e-mail or directly onsite at the customer’s premises. The colleagues put a top priority on establishing and maintaining a close and trusting basis for cooperation.



Bonjour, Hello, Buenos días, 

Customer service worldwide. That is the task of our International Sales Department. French, English, Spanish – in International Sales, an array of different languages and a babble of voices prevail, and it may even get turbulent as well: Our colleagues keep the peace, stay calm and never lose the big picture.

The close proximity to customers, their markets and their cultures is the appeal and motivation of the team’s day-to-day work; whether the USA, France, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden or South Africa - knowledge of the specific situations in individual countries is as much of a given here as is the reliable and secure management of the complex logistics structures of international distribution.


Tea Trading Department

The tea trading business has been a core competency of Wollenhaupt Tee GmbH for more than 130 years. The colleagues’ decades of experience and their tireless passion for tea has lead to precisely the expertise that our customers and tea aficionados benefit from every day. Our experienced tea trading team provides thorough, expert advice. As members of the “Ethical Tea Partnership”, they put a special focus on sustainable certified teas - and a lot more: Utilising their knowledge of the strengths of the various main regions of origin, they diversify the highly varied product portfolio and ensure year-round availability of different harvest and tea qualities by keeping extensive inventory stocks on hand.

Would you like more information about tea trading at Wollenhaupt? Visit our Tea Trading page to learn more »


Food and non food purchasing department

Our purchasers really know their stuff: They know what is available – where, when, how, and under what conditions. They work hand in hand with the quality assurance, product development and sales teams. Our purchasers are frequently on the go, with open minds and keen senses, continuously bringing back new ideas and valuable impressions from around the globe to our company. 

Their tools? First, their in-depth knowledge of teas, herbs, fruits, flavours, packaging materials, and accessories, and second, their good relationships with the relevant manufacturers and producers.


production planning and scheduling

The production planning and scheduling team knows exactly how to produce a high-quality, outstanding product. They plan and schedule the complex processes that turn the raw ingredients into a Wollenhaupt tea. Right on schedule. And precisely. From cleaning and cutting the ingredients, to the mixing processes and through to packaging and shipping.

They monitor the production, check the processes and ensure that the products are completed and delivered on schedule, always keeping in close contact with the colleagues from Purchasing, Sales, Production and Shipping.


Blending unit classic tea

A typical "English leaf blend"? No problem! Just ask a colleague from the "classic tea"  production team and he or she will tell you the exact ratio of Ceylon, Assam and Darjeeling that makes up the blend.

Speaking of quantity: ln the old days, we had to manually haul heavy sacks, today a forklift does all that. Our colleagues move large amounts of the best teas (black, green, white) everyday. Under their care, the bulk tea lots are in the best hands. 


Blending unit flavoured tea, herbs and fruit ingredients

The colleagues from the “flavour mixing” team carry out the planned work processes. They are experienced in preparing flavoured blends, have a skilled touch when it comes to sensitive ingredients and special raw ingredients, and most importantly, they know their equipment. Flavoured tea is only an enjoyment if it is made with experience, know-how and expertise. Our in-house team knows exactly how to blend teas evenly and gently - even if it concerns hundreds of kilos of tea: The blends they create are always beautiful and deliciously enjoyable. 


Packaging department

Recipe, mixing, production: Okay, now it's time for the packaging!

Whether box, tin or bag, 10 g or 2 kg - our colleagues in the Packaging Department are inventive minds, solution finders, true engineering talents. Everyone at the company knows that they have always found the right solution to a packaging challenge. Their patience and attention to detail are hallmarks of this creative, highly accomplished team. What would our products be without their food-safe, secure and aesthetic packaging!



Three words: collect, pack, send.

Pick-by-scan methods, a highly efficient warehouse system, safe and secure packaging materials - all of these are essential to ensuring perfect, fast deliveries. Our colleagues in the Picking Department create the conditions for damage-free transport and, of course, keep an eye on the seasonal business, so that all of the required teas and accessories are available in sufficient quantities at all times. Their department is a secured area, only selected staff have access to it.



The colleagues in Shipping work closely together with the picking team in the secured air freight security area. Each year, 15,000 pallets have to be neatly packed and transported safely and securely. And not just that: They also have to be picked up on time and delivered on schedule. Our staff in the Shipping Department are committed day in and day out to making sure our customers get what they were promised. To this end, they keep in close contact with freight forwarders and logistics companies and know the interdependencies and transport times. They have daily contact with truck drivers from around the world - and you can hear that, too! Our shipping team is also skilled when it comes to different languages: They speak German, English, Danish, Polish, Russian, or in a pinch, gesture with their hands and feet.