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Help for Ukraine

Our donation to the children's aid organisation Plan International

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Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine has been shocking the world for weeks. And there is still no end in sight. The civilian population is being hit the hardest. The situation is dramatic, more than 4 million people have already fled and many continue to suffer. Among them are suffering children, who often receive too little attention in the cruelty of war.

Among the employees and the management of Wollenhaupt Tee GmbH and Wollenhaupt Vanille GmbH, the desire arose to do something, to make a contribution. We have joined forces with a total of 10,000 € so that more aid measures can be realised, especially for children. Our donation supports the work of the children's aid organisation Plan International Germany, which has always been a trustworthy partner. Their focus in Ukraine is on the protection of children, psychosocial support and the compilation of aid packages.

We sincerely hope that the war and the suffering of the people will soon come to an end so that more children in this world can grow up in safety again.

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