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Good resolutions and tea

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Natural blends are becoming increasingly popular and provide the perfect start to spring 2022. Personal goals for the new year often include more exercise, healthier eating, and more mindfulness. Now is the time to look forward and recharge your positive energy. Enjoy a delicious cup of tea from our new series and start integrating your own mindfulness rituals into your daily life.

Mindfulness – what is it?

Mindfulness is a term that is becoming more and more prevalent. Bookshops are filled with books on the subject, it is the topic of several podcasts, and even adult education centres offer classes in ‘mindfulness-based stress reduction’ (MBSR). As a form of therapy, mindfulness is a good option for preventing stress. Your state of mind can be positively affected by practising elements of mindfulness – both just once and on a regular basis.

mindfulness&tea - 5 teas, 5 ingredients each

We want to dedicate a tea series to the topic of mindfulness, in line with the motto ‘Think positive. Drink Tea’. mindfulness&tea lets you bring a piece of nature into your everyday life, creating a moment filled with mindfulness, peace and enjoyment. For Wollenhaupt, it goes without saying that this concept contains natural organic blends that are not flavoured, and only the best ingredients are used to let their full taste shine through.

‘The full flavour of nature in your cup of tea.’

mindfulness&tea silence (item no. 43714) – organic natural herbal blend

silence - helps to perceive the moment, thanks to mild lemon balm and slightly tart hops. The yellow infusion has a herbal, subtly floral and full-bodied fragrance.

mindfulness&tea creativity (item no. 10615) – organic natural blend of black tea and spices

creativity - black tea from Mozambique and Pu-Erh tea from China create a thought-provoking spiciness. Cocoa bean shells, cinnamon and delicate orange blossoms provide chocolaty, sweet, and slightly creamy notes in the amber-coloured infusion.

mindfulness&tea energy (item no. 10617) – organic natural blend of green tea and fruit bits

energy - based on green tea Sencha and Gunpowder for a full-bodied, fresh taste. Mate and lemon myrtle give this tea its citrus character, light floral notes, and mildly tart nuances.

mindfulness&tea intuition (item no. 43715) – organic natural blend of herbs and fruits

intuition - has a high aromatic and thought-supporting bouquet. The fresh and invigorating character is provided by apple mint. Lemon balm provides the well-balanced mildness and Osmanthus blossoms the special finish.

mindfulness&tea focus (item no. 10618) – organic natural blend of green tea and herbs

focus - is an unusual tea blend of green tea and herbs. Ginger adds a pleasant spiciness, Greek mountain tea a subtle citrus note and sage a mildly herbal character.

Mindfulness is conscious observation, an awareness that is completely free of motives or desires, an observation without any interpretation or judgment.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

The first scientific studies on the practice of mindfulness meditation were conducted in the late 1970s. Since then, the popularity and prevalence of mindfulness has grown.

Elements of mindfulness:

  • Mindfulness means: Conscious awareness
  • Mindfulness means: Be present in the here and now
  • Mindfulness means: No judgment

Mindfulness in Daily Life

Elements of mindfulness can be easily incorporated into your daily life and can help you take a time out from the hectic pace and stress of everyday life.

‘Mindful movement’ – not only when you’re walking or jogging, but even when you’re just out for a short stroll, you can focus your awareness on the sensations of walking, feeling, hearing, smelling and seeing. This active sensory awareness can be part of your regular mindfulness practice.

‘Breathe mindfully’ – now and then or as a ritual to start the day, a short breathing exercise can be your tool from the array of mindfulness techniques. The breathing exercises are not about doing anything right or wrong, they simply involve focusing on your breathing for about 2 minutes and noticing which senses are involved at that moment. Do you smell something? Hear something? Your thoughts can be seen as clouds that pass you by.

‘Drinking mindfully’ - drinking enough in everyday life is a challenge for many people. For a week, plan to drink at least three liters a day. You can integrate your mindfulness ritual into the preparation and the drinking. Instead of doing many things at the same time, take your time and perceive your surroundings and your feelings - and enjoy every sip of the drink with all your senses.

Recipes with mindfulness&tea

Take the time to mix up a special drink. It always tastes best when you make it yourself!

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