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An origin with more than a 1,000 years of Tea Tradition

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Currently more popular than ever - teas from Japan!

Teas from Japan with their history going back over 1,000 years are today receiving ever more popularity and interest. This trend is on the one hand due to the greater interest in Japanese food-culture – the awareness of health food in general, and on
the other hand, the wide selection of high quality and often quite unique and innovative methods of usage that Japanese
teas often demand.

Expertise in Production and Processing of Quality Teas

Despite the fact that over 90 % of Japanese tea production is consumed domestically, the export quantities have more than doubled in the last few years.
Japan is especially known for its high quality Green teas and specialities that are produced therefrom, for example Matcha. In addition varieties such as Roasted Green tea, Oolong tea and Black tea specialities are ever more popular with enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Wollenhaupt has taken steps to cater to the growing importance and demand for Japanese Teas from our customers. Since the end of 2018 we have employed the support of our Japanese partner in a close cooperation and thereby strengthened our capabilities. The renowned Japanese Tea Producer, Maruyama Tea Corporation has over the past 90 years and spanning 4 generations, made a name for itself as a producer of the finest Japanese teas. Maruyama is based in Shizuoka Prefecture, which is also known as the “Home of Tea” in Japan. Our cooperation arises from a mutually shared passion for tea, the longstanding competence in the production of tea on the one side matched by the efficient marketing capabilities in Europe on the other. This combination ensures a comprehensive availability of Japanese teas throughout the year for our European customers. Along with our logistical experience and focus on product safety, we naturally cover all aspects in respect of Foodstuff Regulations. The focus of our marketing activities relies on the import and sale of ecologically sustainably certified products.

Wide variety of Japanese teas in highest quality

Our range of teas which cater to a varied market, customers and requirements are stored under refrigerated conditions around the year, in order to preserve the freshness of these high quality products.

They cover the following product categories:


We offer this Japanese classic in a wide variety of different qualities for every perceivable application and use: from price attractive industrial qualities for the production of various industrial food preparations (such as ice cream, chocolates, bakery products, desserts, drinks and mixes), “Cooking” qualities for catering and home cooking, to the finest “Ceremonial” qualities satisfying the highest demands in respect of taste. All the different options are offered either in „Bulk“ packing or in consumer packing units with individual labelling according to customer’s own design by fulfilling a moderate minimum order quantity level.


Green Tea

Over 95 % of Japanese tea production is Green tea. Here also the product portfolio is extremely wide with different qualities and leaf-sizes being offered: whether it is for the classic teabag, pyramid teabags with larger cut-size, or for looseleaf qualities. We offer the finest Shincha teas from the early spring crop, high quality Gyokuro and Kabuse qualities, as well as Bancha and Sencha teas from the later harvest periods.



Whether they are established products such as Genmaicha, roasted Houjicha green teas or low-caffeine Kukicha – we offer a wide selection of different teas in the speciality segment. Some lesser known types such as Black tea, Tamaryokucha and also Oolong teas complete the range. We also offer blends of Leaf tea and Matcha, for example Sencha or Genmaicha blended together with Matcha.


Are you curious about Japanese teas and want to know more? Then contact us.

In addition to the offers of the entire assortment of Japanese tea, we are always at your service with regard to questions about the correct preparation techniques, origin regions and production techniques.


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