Matcha Latte

Creamy yummy

Matcha Latte is the perfect alternative to latte macchiato. The aromatic green tea powder tastes really delicious with frothy milk.


Boil the water and allow to cool to 80 ° C. Put 1/2 teaspoon Matcha tea in a jar (who has a matcha skin). Pour the Matcha with 80 ml of water (80 ° C). Stir vigorously with a bamboo whisk (Chasen) or with a whisk until all lumps have dissolved. Froth 200 ml of milk and place in a large cup or glass and add Matcha Powder. Sweeten with coconut blossom sugar if you like.

If you do not want to use cow's milk, you can make this recipe with almond milk, soy milk or oatmilk.

  • Portions1 (0,25 ml)
  • Difficultysimple
  • Cooking Timeup to 10 minutes

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