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Tea blends to relax and come down

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How important restful sleep is, we realize almost daily when the alarm clock rings
and we once again feel totally unslept. This is usually due to problems falling asleep or the lack of an evening ritual to help you relax. Many consumers are looking for ways to come down after a busy and stressful day.

Support your customers with our new evening tea series: soothing herbs such as valerian, lavender or fennel can be used in a natural way for a restful sleep.

With our new evening teas we offer you and your customers two very classic herbal and spice tea blends. The teas score with an excellent taste and a great appearance.

Also included are two special Ayurvedic tea blends for preparation as Moon Milk. Instead of water, these teas can also be infused with warm milk or a milk alternative. Sweetened with honey, the "Golden Moon" and "Pink Moon" blends become a natural nightcap.

Sleep Delight Organic Tea* (Art.Nr. 43717) - Natural blend of spices and herbs

Fennel and blackberry leaves bring sweet notes to this aromatic blend. Combined with tangy lemon balm, this herbal blend offers a special taste experience.

NighTea (Art.Nr. 43718) - Naturally flavoured blend of herbs and spices

Fennel, chamomile and lemon balm are combined with an exquisite rooibos base. Completed with cinnamon and a fine hint of vanilla, this tea blend delicately rounds off the evening.

Golden Moon (Art.Nr. 43719) - Flavoured blend of spices and fruits

This spiced tea blend is a classic among the Moon Milk recipes. With the trendy ingredients turmeric and ashwaganda, this classic recipe with a sweet creamy maple syrup taste is given that certain extra. Prepared with milk, this tea blend becomes a natural slumber drink.

Pink Moon (Art.Nr. 40246) - Naturally flavoured fruit melange

A Ayuvedic-inspired fruit tea blend with vanilla-caramel flavour to unwind from the daily routine. A delicate lavender note meets a light sweetness and makes this blend a harmonious composition. Prepared with milk, this tea blend becomes a natural slumber drink.

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