Taiwan Pouchong Oolong
  • Dosage: 1 heaped tsp (per 250 ml)
  • Brewing Time: 2-4 min
  • Brew Temperature: 100°C
  • Growing Region: Taiwan
  • Province: Pinglin
  • Leaf: Greenish to light brown, long, wiry leaves
  • Cup: Yellow-green infusion, floral note
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Taiwan Pouchong Oolong

Wollenhaupt Tee GmbH

Oolong tea


Pouchong is the most famous tea in northern Taiwan. Long withering and shaking enhances the floral notes and makes the texture of the tea soft and smooth. When drinking the Pouchong, you can perceive a floral aroma remembering Osmanthus fragrance. We recommend this tea for a mindful start to the day.

  • Exceptional quality
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