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    The respect for Nature and her gifts as well as the respect for persons engaged in all areas of our procurement and supply chain plays an important role for Wollenhaupt Tee GmbH. Respect for the persons who sell, purchase and enjoy our products. Respect for the needs of all people directly or indirectly linked to our products. We undertake to combine ethical and moral principles with our commercial activities in the sense of the Hanseatic Trading tradition. We are guided by the OECD Guidelines in fulfilling our duty of care and responsibility in carrying out our commercial activities.

    It is very important that you contact us if you would like to report violations of laws or regulations, that are within our company’s control. This would make a significant contribution to improve our processes.
    You would like to report a violation of law or policy to us?

    How to report a tip

    You contact us by our online form, by telephone on
    +49 40728300, or write to Wollenhaupt Tee GmbH, Gutenbergstrasse 33-35, 21465 Reinbek, Germany with the heading “Grievance / Confidential”.

    We ensure that all information we receive, particularly personal details will be handled confidentially while maintaining complete anonymity.

    All information we receive will be checked by us and we will take appropriate measures to counteract the reported grievances. We document the violations, define counter-measures and keep everyone involved informed.

    You can use our anonymous online whistleblower system to share such information with us and communicate with us while maintaining your anonymity.

    Important Note: Please do not use this form for product complaints.

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