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India – For You, on a Journey of Discovery to the Origin

From Dibrugarh to Kochi

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No distance is too far for us when it comes to the best quality. And that’s why our Managing Director, Dirk Wollenhaupt, travels to the countries of origin with our tea experts to get a personal impression of the region, cultivate contacts and discover new tea estates.

Last year, our team of experts travelled to India, one of the most important tea-growing countries in the world. Whether exquisite and floral Darjeeling, malty-spicy Assam or aromatic Nilgiri tea, India is a tea nation steeped in tradition. Superior quality teas thrive in the tropical climate on the slopes of the Himalayan
Mountains. In the south as well, excellent Ceylon-like teas are grown and cultivated in the Nilgiri region.

An impressive, vast country that inspires us time and again with its varied landscape, culture, and above all, its hospitality.

Dirk Wollenhaupt Head of Wollenhaupt Tea Department

The Journey

Calcutta, the first destination on our trip, is the commercial tea trading hub in North India and therefore also a key location for Wollenhaupt. Major tea auctions are held here, tea is traded and shipped, contracts are concluded, and experts from the region share their experiences and knowledge about tea.
Our journey continued to Assam, home to a bold, spicy tea. Along with many well-known tea estates, we also made a new discovery that convinced us with its exquisite organic quality. When selecting our tea suppliers, it’s not only the quality of the tea that is extremely important to us, but also sustainable factors such as the working conditions of the plantation workers and the estate’s approach to nature and environmental issues. In this respect, we often find ourselves surprised, mostly in a positive sense, because many companies now have modern equipment and furnishings and offer their workers and families very good working conditions with safe accommodations.
The last stop on our trip through India were the tea growing areas in South India. From Kochi, we travelled by car for several hours to reach the Nelliyampathy tea garden. The beautiful tea estate is located on a high plateau and offers an unparalleled view of the Nelliyampathy Forest Reserve. Situated in the midst of this untouched natural area, this tea plantation produces an exceptionally good organic black tea.


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