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The little tea drinkers of today are the GROWN-UP tea drinkers of tomorrow!
Children are our future, and yet in many countries – including Germany – not very much is being done for them. At Wollenhaupt, we think there is still a lot of room for improvement in this area, and that the interests of children are often not taken into consideration enough.

This issue is also evident in the food industry, or more precisely in the tea sector. Although there are tea blends for infants, there are hardly any tea products geared toward children ages 3-10. We wanted to change that, because our research showed that children would happily drink a yummy tea with breakfast if it tasted really good.

Tea comes in a vast array of flavours and, after water, is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. While children frequently find water boring, tea abounds with a variety of diverse flavours and encourages kids to discover new variations. All we have to do is let children try out different herbal infusions and fruit melanges. Children have a very keen sense of taste and will quickly find a favourite one.

Tea – a perfect thirst quencher for children

Even though many beverages, such as soft drinks, lemonades, fruit juices, spritzers, bottled or instant iced teas and flavoured waters, are often called thirst quenchers, it’s important to take a look at the ingredients, because unfortunately they frequently contain a lot of hidden sugar.

Too much sugar is not only a problem in terms of calories, but it also dehydrates the body, meaning that these supposed thirst quenchers are actually the opposite. In contrast, tea is an excellent way to quench thirst, especially when served as cold iced tea, provided you don't add any sugar to it.

Children love iced tea – ideally prepared at home

In summer weather, iced tea is a delicious and healthy refreshment that is easy to prepare. Many of our herbal infusions and fruit melanges are also great as iced teas ( to enjoy as a different kind of sugar-free drink.

Prepared the evening before and refrigerated overnight, iced tea is also a good thirst-quenching beverage to take to school. Ready-to-drink store-bought iced teas, on the other hand, usually contain a lot of sugar and are based on caffeinated black tea.

Flavourful iced tea variations and punches are also perfect for special occasions. You can find delectable iced tea recipes ( on our website.


Specially developed children’s teas – 3 great-tasting varieties packed in pyramid bags


Together with our product development team, we discussed what flavours and tastes would have a high level of acceptance for this target group. The teas had to be without any added sugar and still appeal to children, i.e. have a fruity, delicious sweetness to them. Sweet blackberry leaves and sweet fruits give these new tea blends their mouth-watering fruity taste.

To ensure that the teas would really delight children, we organised a small panel of about 50 kids and gave them tea samples to try and a feedback form to evaluate them. This was particularly informative, because it allowed us to find out which of the flavours truly appeal to and excite children in this age group. We then took the three teas that received the best ratings into the fine-tuning process, taking the children’s comments into account.

The final result is three successful children’s tea blends, packed in practical pyramid bags that are easy for children to use. “Orange Fruit Tiger” is an organic fruit melange featuring a delightfully fruity and intense orange flavour and fresh citrus taste. The mild “Peach Monkey” rooibos tea has a subtle peach flavour that is sure to win over kids, and the “Pink Berry Poodle” fruit melange, with its scrumptious raspberry, strawberry and vanilla tastes, has everything you need for a perfect start to the day.


We also focused on the sustainability of these products and decided to use materials made from renewable raw materials for the tea bag and inner bag as well as a folding box made from FSC-certified materials. A small step for a better world tomorrow.

These children’s teas not only impress with their high-quality ingredients and flavours that kids love, they also have fun names and a very cheerful and colourful packaging design.

A cute gift for children or a little present on a special day, such the first day of school – these teas make great gifts, but are also an ideal complement to a healthy breakfast, of course.

More teas from our range that are especially popular with children:



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